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400 in Wellington march for Gaza


About 400 people gathered in Cuba Mall and marched to Parliament calling for an immediate end to Israel's occupation of the Gaza strip and for justice for Palestine.

Chanting 'Israel out of Gaza, victory to the Intifada' people from across the political sprectrum including workers from the SFWU, the CTU and anarchists joined forces to call for an end to 60 years of brutality and dislocation for Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli state.

Brandishing keys as the symbol to the loss of Palestinian homes and land, the protest took its message to the streets. The call for continued action in support of Palestinians is a call to action for people around the world to take whatever means necessary to stop Israeli aggression.

New Zealand company Rakon is arming the Israeli military with component parts for the IDF's 'smart bombs'. Having contributed to the murder of more than 1000 people, Rakon deserves to be at the heart of a NZ campaign to end this occupation.






Re: 400 in Wellington march for Gaza

.. Also, Cubic Defense (formally Oscmar international), a US owned company with facilities in Auckland supplies the Israeli military with combat training systems and simulation technology.

Much of Cubic's R+D is funded by the NZ taxpayer.