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Meet Your Meat Farm Tour


Worldwide there are approximately 6 million animals killed every hour for their flesh. This figure does not even include fish and other sea dwelling animals. In Aotearoa around 24 million lambs, 2.2 million beef cattle, 1 million dairy calves, 650,000 deer, 700,000 pigs, 67 million chickens, and three quarters of a million tonnes of fish are killed every year for their flesh. In addition to this goats, horses, rabbits, ducks, turkey, and shell fish are also farmed and killed for the meat industry in Aotearoa. There are also thousands of wild animals killed and eaten by hunters every year.

Many people just accept this or do not want to know where, or rather who, their food comes from. We ask that you think about who the ‘meat' you eat has come from, how they lived and how they were killed.

In recognition of the first World Day for the Abolition of Meat we want to take you to see how factory farmed broiler chickens and pigs are kept before they become your dinner.

The Meet Your Meat Farm Tour will be on the morning of Saturday January 31st however we will be holding a work shop on Friday 30th to discuss the plight of ‘meat' animals in Aotearoa and the farm tour in more detail. If you wish to attend the farm tour we ask that you first attend this workshop. Caregivers are welcome to bring children to the workshop and/or farm tour if they think it is appropriate for their children.

Friday 30th January
147 Great North Road (Trades Hall)

Farm Tour
Saturday 31st January (please be warned it will be an early start :)

For information about veganism please visit!/Go-Vegan/

To check out our previous farm tours please visit

For more about the first World Day for the Abolition of Meat please visit



Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Good idea. People who choose to eat meat should be required (say at least once every couple years)to experience what that means, to face the reality that meat comes from a living animal, not a plastic package.

A while back we used to arrange for that experience. Invite a numer of people to gather out at our farm, take a suitable anmal up into the woods (usually a young goat) where with everybody standing around in a circle watch our son slit its throat (he's real good at it). Then smear the blood on everybody's hands, have them watch as the animal gutted and skinned and also (those that wanted to) help when taken bac down to the house for butchering and some cooked for a feast. Make people think about it -- if you want to eat meat, then an animal has to die. Your responsibility. Nobody as a result of the experience became a vegetarian, but that wasn't our intent.

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

sounds like you enjoyed killing a defenceless animal with a sick ,voyeuristic audience

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Strange interpretation?

No, but we eat some meat and believe in being RESPONSIBLE for that (and think other meat eaters should be).

There's a "vision" difference. We consider ourselves to be ANIMALS (not something supposedly higher/better). We do not consider, among animals, the herbivores to be higher, better, more moral, etc. than the carnivores and onmivores (like ourselves).

The essential argument for human vegetarianism is that we humans don't HAVE to "be animals", can be something higher, better, more noble, etc. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this aspiration, just that we have a "different religion". In our case we aspire to live in balance with the rest of nature AS ANIMALS.

To return to your evaluation of that audience. You think THAT is sick? That they should go on eating meat pretending "not my doing?". "I didn't kill that animal". The "ceremony" I described was about shattering that delusion. You ARE responsible.

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

PS -- I would have thought that you would WELCOME the idea that nobody should eat eat if unwilling to face killing the animal with their own hands. That if you couldn't face that responsibility, then shouldn't eat meat.

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

mike ,im just a individual..not linked to any particular group ,i believe we can live without meat and I and plenty of others do and we are healthy and happy,i couldnt bear to watch any animal killed ,id presume your audience soon forget about what they witnessed and carryed on .Im thinking of doing a stall with a dvd running what group in Aotearoa can i get a dvd with factory farming footage?

Re: Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Sure you can. Is there any industry in particular that is of interest?

Email you postal address and when you need it by to

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Sausages are actually the safest because by the time its made into a sausage there isnt much to tie it to any one specific animal.
I heard that sometimes an atom that used to belong to a sheep can end up as being part of a vegetable, such as a tomato.
That is why really, there is no difference between carnivvores and herbivores.
In Palestine most of the people eat meat, which is why the IDF is teaching them a lesson. Meat eating criminals!

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Well anonymous, it's something we humans have thought about for thousands of years. I have no interest/desire to argue against your choice of vegetarianism and will try to be useful giving you things to look up to better understand the questions. Like I said, there's thousands of years of pondering. I do hope however that by giving you thiese things to look up you might better understand those who choose otherwise.

"im just a individual..not linked to any particular group ,i believe we can live without meat and I and plenty of others do and we are healthy and happy,i couldnt bear to watch any animal killed ,id presume your audience soon forget about what they witnessed and carryed on"

Let's deal with the second part first. Trying to get the participants to become vegetarians was NOT the intent; getting them to accept responsibility was. A very big difference. But what I think needs to be addressed is that "i believe we can live without meat and I and plenty of others do and we are healthy and happy...."

Might I repharase that? Can we live without killing animals? All of us? Or is suffering intrinsic to the wheel of life?

Use something like wikipedia to start if you like, but hiopefully go on to more standard sources you see referenced.

1) Look up "ahimsa" (Sanskrit word, but in general use for the concept of "not harming").

2) Look up who the Jains are. How do they live? Why can't they farm? (could we ALL be Jains?)

Please understand -- we eat (some) meat but that's not really the question. When we dig the garden to plant our veggies we unavoidably kill earthworms. We deplore their demise. We might not be killing these earthworms to eat them dirctly BUT (and this is what you have to think about) to a certain extent our eating veggies requires our killing earthworms.

In terms of "the wheel of life" concept of the Eastern religious philosophies, I ACCEPT the wheel and its inherent suffering as opposed to seeking the way off.

Re: Meet Your Meat Farm Tour

Obama is our president now, he will sort this.