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Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda


Conference on Anarchist Organising 2009 – draft agenda
April 18th and 19th
Newtown Community Centre

Hi everyone,

Here’s a draft agenda for the conference to give you some idea as to what we are planning. At this point it’s all subject to change. Sessions will include presentations, discussion and odd bits of history and thought. Note that as this is an ad hoc gathering of individuals, it is a time for education, inspiration and sharing ideas, and is not a place to make decisions.

Session one, Saturday Morning:

Anarchist ideas and their consequences for organising

• Anarchist ideas from Aotearoa
• Recent ideas in anarchism –¬ from primitivism to insurrectionism
• Operating in a colonial country and its implications for organisation
• Working under patriarchy and its impacts for organising
• Organising methods – anarcho-communism, the platform, anarcho-syndicalism: what are they and are they useful? – panel discussion

Session two, Saturday after lunch:

(a) How collectives work

• ‘The end is the means’, working in the way you’d like to live
• Cliques, ‘community’ models, informal organisation and how this mimics establishment methodologies
• Accountability
• Diversity

(b)Decision making

• Facilitation
• Conflict resolution
• Consensus

Session Three, Saturday afternoon; Community organisation

Workplace unions, community unions, federations, campaign groups and getting anarchist ideas out there in all sorts of ways!


On Sunday we will have a variety of workshops and practical activities including tree planting, a look at repression of activists in the US and elsewhere, community gardening, non-violence and who knows what? We’ll finish up Sunday evening with a general discussion of what was good and bad and where we are going and a banquet.

General info

We are arranging childcare. If you are bringing kids, please let us know as soon as possible (and if you can help with childcare, please let us know as well).

Registration is $20 low or unwaged, $30 waged. Lunch both days and dinner on Sunday included. Contact us at


Re: Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda

how can anarchists have such a love for rules and petty politics?

Re: Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda

Will there be travel equalisation at all for those in the south?

Re: Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda

Sounds great! How is payment for the regestration fee working? Do we need to rsvp and pay by a certain date or just work it out on arrival. Ta, Ryan

Re: Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda

An RSVP would be good, but don't need to pay before the conference. Don't know about travel equalisation yet, sorry - we'll discuss it.

Sam, for Wildcat

Re: Conference on anarchist organising - draft agenda

How much do you have to pay if you only want to attend one session?