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Evacuatable town council on self destruct.


Tensions inside the New Plymouth District Council have boiled over with councillor John "Horse" McLeod twice threatening to assault a fellow councillor during a meeting about how to close down Dow Chemical.

The Taranaki Daily News has learnt Mr McLeod told councillor Maurice Betts he would "take you outside and knock your f ...... lights out," during the behind-closed-doors session of Tuesday night's meeting. Any meeting regarding Dow is "behind closed doors".

Mr Betts yesterday confirmed the threats had been made and said he had not ruled out making a complaint to police.

He has prepared a council officers report on the incident, which will go to Mayor Peter Tennent and Deputy Mayor Alex Matheson.

Yesterday Mr Tennent said he was investigating the incident.

He has asked Mr McLeod to meet with him to give his account of the confrontation and has asked for reports from all councillors who witnessed the dispute.

"If it's occurred it is totally and utterly unacceptable behaviour to me, to council and to this community," Mr Tennent said.

"I've been privileged to represent this community for 13 years and I have never, ever seen a situation like this in New Plymouth and have never heard of a situation like this anywhere in the country."

Mr Tennent said it was totally up to Mr Betts whether he took a complaint to the police.

When contacted by the Taranaki Daily News yesterday Mr McLeod said: "I have nothing to say. Have a good day," before hanging up.

Mr McLeod, who gained national celebrity status when he won TV's 2002 Treasure Island Extreme, has developed a reputation as a maverick councillor since he was elected nearly two years ago.

Tuesday night's confrontation came following an at times heated debate during the council's public meeting.

During a short break before the public-excluded section of the meeting got under way Mr Betts said he approached Mr McLeod to tell him he was angry over his continued use of selective information and suggested he show some intelligence in debate.

"His reaction was to say `I'll take you outside and knock your f ...... lights out'," Mr Betts said.

After the public excluded part of the meeting finished, Mr Betts said he and deputy mayor Alex Matheson approached Mr McLeod to say he would accept an apology if he would withdraw the threat, but Mr McLeod only threatened him further.

"It's not the behaviour expected in chambers, it's not tolerated," Mr Betts said.

"My advice has been to tolerate it and do nothing but I'm not prepared to do that.

"Is this the kind of person who wants to be our mayor and is this the kind of person we want to be our mayor?"

Senior councillor Heather Dodunski, who witnessed the incident, said it was fair to say councillors were getting tired of Mr McLeod's antics.

She said she has never seen similar behaviour in council chambers.

"I've sat around the table with a lot of councillors and we've had some differences and had councillors get offside over things, but we've never had this level of behaviour."

She also said she had never before seen the level of stupid emails and comments going around between councillors.

Under the council's code of conduct, elected members must avoid aggressive, offensive or abusive behaviour in their dealings with other members.

Breaches of the code are investigated in public by the council's monitoring committee and penalties for breaches can include censure, or removal from council committees.

the NPDC is the most dysfunctional bunch of Liars to ever exist.



Re: Evacuatable town council on self destruct.

if you check out the link to the Taranaki Daily news, there is another story worth reading. It is about Colin Ansell, President of the National Front, who is from Hawera. Apparently the NF are attempting to recruite school children to their racist neo-nazi party.

Re: Evacuatable town council on self destruct.

considering Real Actual Nazis were & still are working at Dow is it any surprise?

Re: Evacuatable town council on self destruct.

""""Under the council's code of conduct, elected members must avoid aggressive, offensive or abusive behaviour in their dealings with other members.""""

what does the "code of conduct" say about altering $500k's worth of Exposure safety data for DIOXIN???

what does the "code of conduct" say about lying in a manner that KILLS people? ( see Paritutu)