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Don't Corrupt Aid!

in is a campaign to keep New Zealand’s international aid focussed on addressing poverty.

We think aid should be spent on meeting the needs of people in developing countries, not advancing the interests of the government of the day. Aid should not be used as a political football.

This campaign results from comments made by New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully stating that New Zealand’s aid should change from ‘poverty elimination’ to a broader focus on economic development. Additionally, Mr. McCully wants New Zealand’s aid agency NZAID to lose its status as a semi-autonomous body.

The Minister has instigated two reviews into NZAID which may result in the responsibility for aid being absorbed into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Our concerns:

* Aid will become a tool of foreign policy − the focus will shift from meeting the needs of people in developing countries to whatever suits the political agenda of the government of the day
* An 'economic development' focus will lead to money going to projects in the interest of wealthy elites, ignoring the needs of the poor
* The reviews are being conducted hastily, with no public consultation or parliamentary scrutiny and without advice from development experts
* NZAID will lose the skills which make it a world leader in effective aid delivery
* This is an unjustified reorganisation, with no evidence that it will increase aid effectiveness or deliver better value for money.

Our aims:

* To keep NZAID as a semi-autonomous agency that delivers effective aid
* To ensure that any reviews of NZAID are open to public debate, parliamentary scrutiny and independent expert advice
* To ensure that New Zealand’s aid targets the needs of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries, and is not used to reward ‘obedient’ governments.
* In short: Don’t Corrupt Aid!