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Communist Party of the Philippines denounces increasingly flagrant US military intervention


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Communist Party of the Philippines
CPP denounces increasingly flagrant US military intervention
September 9, 2008

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said US military interventionism in the Philippines has increasingly becoming more flagrant—despite denials and efforts to cover-up—with the allout acquiescence of the Arroyo regime and the Philippine armed forces. Denouncing this as an outright disregard of Philippine sovereignty, the CPP called on the Filipino people to heighten the struggle against increasing US military presence and interventionism in the country.

The CPP also said it welcomed Congressional initiatives such as House Resolution 772 filed by Gabriela Women’s Party representative Liza Maza calling for an immediate “inquiry into the constitutionality and legality of the continuing presence and involvement of the US military forces in Philippine military activities, particularly in conflict areas in Mindanao.”
The CPP pointed out that growing revelations of the actual involvement of US troops in combat operations in Mindanao “only provide us with a hint of the actual depth and breadth of US military intervention in the intensification of the war against the Bangsamoro as well as in the AFP's internal security operational plan Bantay Laya.”

Recent revelations on the direct participation of US troops in combat were spurred by an incident in late August where an American soldier barely escaped an ambush by Abu Sayyaf bandits on a convoy of the Philippine Marines and the US Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines (JSOTF-P) in Patikul, Sulu. The US trooper belonged to the 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry Regiment of the US armed forces and has been assigned since May to the JSOTF-P.

First hand reports have also been pouring in about US military participation in current offensives against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Sittie Sundang of the Kawagib Moro Human Rights Group revealed the participation last month of four US soldiers in AFP operations against MILF forces in North Cotabato and Lanao del Norte. Amabella Carumba, executive director of the Iligan City-based Mindanao Peoples Peace Movement also reported sightings of US troops joining recent AFP offensives against the MILF in North Cotabato and Lanao del Norte.

CHR-Western Mindanao director Jose Manuel Mamauag has also presented documents of a case filed before his office that quotes witnesses who said that US troopers armed with machine guns joined an AFP and PNP assault on Barangay Sipangkot, Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi in May 2004, killing three civilians. The surviving barriofolk, including a PNP officer on furlough, were rounded up for interrogation on suspicion of being members or supporters of the Abu Sayyaf. Eleven barrio residents were mauled, illegally arrested and detained. The Sipangkot barriofolk filed a case in July with the CHR against the US and Philippine government forces who participated in the assault.

Mindanao State University (MSU) professor Octavio Dinampo also said that a US spy plane guided a raid by combined US and Philippine government troops in Barangay Ipil, Maimbung, Sulu in February this year that killed eight civilians, including three women, two children and a Philippine Army soldier on furlough. Ipil barriofolk attested that they saw four US troopers among the raiders.

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This is the phoney war on terror that Bush has declared. In reality it is a war of terror waged against the local indigenous people who are rising to stop the state terror that the U.S. imperialists are sponsoring and funding throughout the Phillipines. The Phillipine peoples made a democratic revolution to throw out the American Military occupation during the Fascist Marcos regime and on-going even formulating a constitution that forbids the stationing of foreign troops in the Phillipines. It is only in recent years that the U.S. Military has once again invaded and is occupying the Phillipines again and against the constituion of the Democratic Phillipines. They do so under the cover of the Visiting Forces Act, a loophole that allows them to visit. The visit has turned into an illegal occupation replete with armed combat against the local peoples, and with highly sophisticated weaponry that they sell to the AFP and the PNP for the purposes of oppressing the peoples and taking contol of the bountiful resources of that country. It should be recognized that the American Military Occupation starting in 1898 and continuing through the twenties was not a liberation war but a war of colonial aggression and conquest that killed over one million Phillipinos. In all this and in each generation the peoples of the Phillipines have risen to defend independence and freedom from foriegn control. This latest invasion and occupation is a continuation of Imperialist plunder and is illegal according to the Nuremburg Trials , the Geneva Conventions of war, the United Nations Charter and the International Criminal Court, Court of the Hague. American Imperialism is doing Permanent war as declared by the Bush Regime. This is not a show of strength, per sae, but rather a show of terminal decay of world Imperialism who are not able to enforce the monopoly capitalist systems without resorting to aggressive war which according to the Nuremburg Trials is the supreme international crime on the planet, as it actuates all other crimes high,low, and big and small. In this the peoples of the Phillipines are beginning to win and are contolling over 70% of the countryside. The AFP and the PNP are only able to maintain 30% and there only on crisis mode. Victory will surely come and the foreign aggressors will surely be defeated.

Re: Communist Party of the Philippines denounces increasingly fl

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army.