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Kaboom - Did you feel the earth move?


Well, it wasn’t an earthquake or an explosion; rather went live at about 8am, August 28th, 2008. It was a momentous occasion for the GreenMuze team and took us damn near a year to get here. Although, I don’t think we caused so much as a blip on the web Richter scale. It usually takes a few days to start to percolate (or marinate) enough so that the web-Gods and Goddesses start to notice us - which is OK by us as we are still in the process of loading articles.

Please ignore the gaping, empty blank spots, as we will be filling them over the coming weeks. Once we finish loading content we will run the website like a regular (although not typical, staid or boring…) green news’ site with fresh content loaded daily. We also have a bunch of great features we look forward to introducing over the coming months - forums, a newsletter, new bloggers & writers and, of course, more dynamite content.

Why are we here?
A big esoteric-kind of question, right? Well, we do cover a lot of this stuff in our About section located in the footer menu on our website but just to quickly recap…

We felt there was a need for a lighter (but not lightweight) green news’ site that was a bit more inclusive. Many of the environmental sites tend to be a tad intense. Hey, intense is good sometimes, like during exams or in the sack or when dealing with politicians. But what about the eco-newbies or the green fence-sitters? How do we get them involved?

When we ran an environmental group on Vancouver Island, Canada we heard from so many people that they really wanted to get involved in the eco-revolution but never knew where or how to start. Let’s be frank, those hippies in socks and sandals can be a bit intimidating with their unshaven armpits, hemp clothing, jutting goatees and their relentless organic vegan potlucks. If you do get up the courage to attend one of their events, everyone is so darn fluent in carbon trading schemes, greenhouse gases, Kyoto Protocol, and the merits of electric vehicles that it’s hard to get a timid word in edgewise.

Our goal was to create a green space that invited discussion, debate, arguing, and a dash of irreverence. Most of all, we really wanted to find a way to gently cajole, encourage, and entice more people to get involved with the rapidly growing environmental revolution.

Stirring the pot…
We will make the occasional effort to provoke and challenge the status quo on various issues and purposely stir the mainstream pot from time to time. This may delight some people, but will probably piss off a large component of the population. We want you to know, if we are pushing your buttons and stirring your pot, it’s nothing personal. We will only find solutions when we challenge some of our preconceived notions about the environment and the way we live.

In the meantime…
We are a new website and there may be some hiccups and the odd bit of flatulence (might be from all the beans and lentils…) while we get our site and team up to speed. If you see any glitches or bugs, please drop us a line and let us know. If you see something you like, definitely let us know.

We expect will only continue to grow, change and expand to suit our growing community. In the meantime, take a look around, follow some links, watch a video, read a book review or just contemplate your navel.

The GreenMuze Team