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Chavez: Commander has gone on strike before the Fascist threat


YVKE Mundial (Luigino Bracci Roa) - www.aporrea.org13/09/08 - de septiembre 2008.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez responded this Saturday to general Luis Trigo, Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces who on Friday labelled Chavez’s words of last Thursday as “meddling”. Chavez had stated that in the case of a coup d’etat or assassination attempt on Evo Morales, Venezuela would support the armed movements that emerge in the country, and that he would lead actions of any kind to restore to power any progressive governments that have been overthrown.

Recalling that in Bolivia the Commander in Chief is not president Morales (which is different to Venezuela and other countries where the office falls to the president of the republic), Chavez accused Trigo of being on a sit-down strike in the face of stoppages, sabotage and blockades led by the Bolivian oligarchy which by Thursday had brought about approximately 14 deaths.

“I shouldn’t interfere in Bolivia’s issues”, asked Chavez, “but how good would it be to hear you say something about the terrible and gross interference of the North American Empire in your country, there in Bolivia. How good would it be to hear you say something, general Trigo!

“He says nothing, he says nothing. And I know that this general and others have a kind of sit-down strike. They have allowed the fascists, the paramilitaries to massacre the people of Bolivia”.

The Venezuelan president asked Trigo, “if I’m mistaken, show me the contrary. Support the president of Bolivia and not the paramilitaries and the Yankees that want to overthrow the president of Bolivia. Show me and you will have my soldier’s hand. Don’t forget, general Trigo, that it is a soldier who speaks to you. I am a soldier. And I speak to you as one soldier to another.”

Translated by Owen Richards