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corrupt & homicidal police, fbi/cia


See the evidence of the low and homicidal mindset of the police, fbi/cia, in the following report, with link. these thugs with badges must be stopped.

From Harlingen, Texas
August 30, 2008
For more insight into the low mentality of cops (so-called law enforcement officers) see:
Note that the law of the jungle is the only language the police/fbi/cia understand; for this reason the world's turmoil continues as the usa with its pretense of a land under 'the rule of law' violates Human Rights and the laws of other nations with complete abandon; the law of 'rule by assassins' permeates the usa in all jurisdictions and no peaceful remedy seems apparent to date. Intensified directed energy assaults continue as a result of Sosbee's recent reports; the symptoms are consistent with a possible 8 or 9 level (on a 1-10 scale of intensity), causing severe sleep deprivation, dizziness and headaches, etc.
The police assist the fbi at evry turn of the murderous agenda; this means in part that the police employ against the Target at every opportunity:
harassment, false arrest or fraudulent stings,slander, threats, etc. The police regularly steal, lie, falsify reports, create false evidence, murder selected Targets, and assist the DA or the USA in arresting innocent men in order to gain plea bargaining scenarios for entrapment of the accused Innocent .
Thus, the violent gangs that call themselves police (fbi/cia) are thugs of the lowest order and must be viewed and dealt with as such. Blind trust in the local police is the domain of the ruling , elite class, not of the poor, the disenfranchised nor the targeted. This report does not represent a call for violence, but the police are on very shaky grounds as they continue to flaunt with outrageous arrogance their unlawful and tyrannical power over the people. "To Serve And To protect", is a false slogan of the police across the nation and the men in blue need to stop the charade.
If they do not, then I will stop it for them.
geral sosbee
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551
(956) 371-5210
I can be found almost daily at the US Post Office in Harlingen, Texas 78551, at around noon.