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War against Iran ? Its not just about nuclear bombs.


War against Iran ? Its not just about nuclear bombs.
Iran has No nuke programme ,but the U$ and israel still do a song and dance about "enriched uranium."Why?
It may not be the Bomb and enriched uranium that the US is worried about but the depleted uranium by-product.

War against Iran ? Its not just about nuclear bombs.
Iran has No nuke programme ,but the U$ and israel still do a song and dance about "enriched uranium."Why?
It may not be the Bomb and enriched uranium that the US is worried about but the depleted uranium by-product.

If ,you run a nuclear energy plant using enriched uranium ,depleted uranium is the waste by--product.
but if ,you want to make depleted Uranium metal tipped weapons,enriched uranium is only the by-product and course it is useful as a fuel for civilian

Nuclear energy plants.

"A DU shell, marketed by their manufacturers as the Silver Bullet is made up of a
DU penetrator rod encase in a light metal backed up by explosive. When fired the
DU slices through tank armour like butter, catching fire (DU is pyrophoric) and
aerosolizing into a very fine uranium ceramic dust. A typical Silver Bullet
fired from an A10 Warthog or Harrier jet contains 300 grams of DU. These planes
are equipped with 30mm Gatling guns that can fire 3900 shells per minute,
usually every fifth shell is a Silver Bullet. This means that either of these
planes could release 234 kilograms of DU in a minute. Estimates are that over
300 tonnes of DU was dropped on Southern Iraq and only about 10 tonnes on the

Iran does not need
exploding nukes for self defence to destroy
the usa military machine ,if it already has uranium metal tipped weapons.
"DU slices through tank armour like butter ".

Just using Uranium metal tipped weapons will
do just fine(and everyone knows
that iran has plenty of DU metal and is
rapidly refining and mining more )and this
is the real reason bush wants
to stop irans refining of uranium..
It is everyday conventional weapons and bullets and shells
with uranium metal tips that can make
the entire imperialist military war machines vulnerable and obsolete .
Especialy vulnerable thin skinned aircraft carriers that are comparmentalised by bulkheads .
just as gunpowder made obsolete
castles and knights in armor,
so likewise,big and small uranium metal shells and warheads
may now have now made aircraft carriers, cruisers and
armoured personel carriers of empire obsolete and
now so easily totally

Quote: Peterson Christian Science Monitor:
"Iran has honed a swarming tactic, in which small and lightly armed speedboats come at far larger warships from different directions. A classified

Pentagon war game in 2002 simulated just such an attack and in it the Navy lost 16 major warships.. "The sheer numbers involved overloaded their

ability, both mentally and electronically, to handle the attack," .."a retired Marine Corps officer who commanded the swarming force, .."The whole thing

was over in five, maybe 10 minutes."

And that is just on the sea .

Amongst all the other normal U$ "war against terror" bullshit propaganda ,the Christian Science Reporter Scott Peterson discusses how Iran can look

after its
own interests.

'But nearby US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gulf
provide a host of targets. Iran claimed last October that it
could rain down 11,000 rockets upon "the enemy" within one
minute of an attack and that rate "would continue."

In a real gulf war against Iran .Should Iran now possess uranium tipped and thermobaric weapons , any ships trapped and attempting to escape through

the narrow straits out of the initial gulf slaughterhouse would be trapped like rats on a sinking ship at the narrow straits.

Wikipedia says: "It is thought that between 17 and 20 states have weapons incorporating depleted uranium in their arsenals. They include the U.S., the

UK, France, Russia, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, Thailand, Iraq and Taiwan. DU ammunition is

manufactured in 18 countries. Only the US and the UK have acknowledged using DU weapons.[22]"

These are dangerous materials in the hands of imperialists and their criminal use of them in agressive war as in Iraq and Afghanistan is genocidal.

But ,if you want to stop third world countries defending themselves against tank invasions or planes and marines launched from aircraft carriers and

troopships,you get the "left "to campaign against DU on behalf of those imperialists monopolies already armed with nuclear bomb capabilities and

uranium metal tipped weapons,weapon that they themselves criminaly use right now ,everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On D.U. weapons Extracts:
DU’s radioactivity is in the form of Alpha particles. Alpha particles are
rightly described by the military as the ‘weakest’ form of radiation, they can
be stopped by skin. However, when aerosolized into ceramic dust they are easily
inhaled and can stay in the lungs for years, irradiating lung tissues causing
emphysema or fibrosis. In addition to being inhaled, DU dust can settle on
plants where it can be eaten and on open wounds, common in a war zone, where
there is no skin to block the alpha radiation from irradiating soft body
tissues. In the USA particles of DU have been found in the filters of
air-conditioning units over 20 miles from any known source.
In addition to its radioactivity,.
Depleted Uranium is also chemically toxic as a
heavy metal. DU dissolves in water. This heavy metal toxicity can be absorbed
byplants and pollute ground water reserves. DU ends up in the kidneys and gastro
intestinal tract causing a host of illnesses in a similar way to lead poisoning.
While veterans’ organizations in the US claim that hundreds of ex service
persons and their families have been adversely affected by DU, it impossible to
estimate the number of people in Iraq and the Balkans suffering from a range of
illnesses including congenital birth deformities caused by DU.
By its indiscriminate nature and its ability to manifest itself through
generations, Depleted Uranium is a weapon of genocide."

Since the development of the first nuclear power generators, which utilised the
‘peaceful atom’ in the 1950s, stockpiles of the radioactive waste known as
Depleted Uranium have been growing.
Natural uranium ore contains about 0.7% U235, traces (0.005%)U234 and the rest
(about 99.3%) is U238. They each have 92 protons but different numbers of
electrons (143, 142 and 146 respectively). In order for it to be used in nuclear
reactors the percentage of U235 needs to be increased to between 3 and 4%
depending on the type of reactor. This process is known as enrichment. As you
can imagine if you enrich uranium from 0.7% to about 3.5% U235, there’ll be a
lot of U238 left over, this is Depleted Uranium, as opposed to Enriched Uranium.
Still radioactive, still toxic and with a half life of about 4.2 billion years
(ie: forever), there is 7 times as much DU produced by the enrichment process as
there is EU. Seven tonnes of waste for each tonne of product.
Back in the late 60s the US Dept of Energy started copping a lot of flak about
the huge stockpiles of radioactive waste it was storing in containers similar to
cream cans in paddocks and yards adjoining their nuclear facilities.
In an
effort to reduce this stockpile they asked American industry to come up with
ideas of how to reuse it.
As DU is quite heavy (about 1.7 times the density of lead) most of ideas
industry came up with made use of this property. Some of the successful ideas
included using DU as counterweights in aircraft and ships and as a shielding for
more highly radioactive waste.
At this time the USA was in the middle of the Vietnam War and its relationship
with China so low that imports of Chinese tungsten were being threatened.
Tungsten was (and is) used by weapons manufacturers for armour piercing
ammunition because of its density: it was only a matter of time before some evil
military bastard thought of replacing Chinese tungsten with radioactive waste.
And so began one of the most insidious chapters of US military history and
that’s saying something.
For the full DU weopons background article go to to :
So, That's the weapons made from the depleted uranium stuff.

But ,this writer is by no means an expert or pretends to really understands this nuclear stuff . All I understand or grasp is that i extremely hot

thermobaric weapons wouldn't mix well with ships and enclosed spaces with compartmentalised bulkheads.

Thermobaric weapons :
So think of their effect on the empire ships not just enclosed on spaces like buildings or Bora Bora caves.

Alright ,that's just the super hot uranium tips in addition :
Does Iran now not only have uranium tipped weapons and have also have uranium tipped aluminium powder thermobaric weapons technology too?

Thermobaric weapons.
"When the American military bought them in 2005, President George W Bush said:
"There are going to be some awfully surprised terrorists when the thermobaric
Hellfire comes knocking."
Despite the Bush rhetoric, it is unlikely anyone targeted by the missile would
know much about it. The laser-guided missile has a warhead packed with
fluorinated aluminium powder surrounding a small charge.
When it hits the target, the charge disperses the aluminium powder throughout
the target building. The cloud then ignites, causing a massive secondary blast
that tears throughout any enclosed space.
The blast creates a vacuum which draws air and debris back in, creating pressure
of up to 430lb per sq in. The more heavily the building is protected, the more
concentrated the blast.
The cloud of burning aluminium powder means victims often die from asphyxiation
before the pressure shreds their organs.

Are the days of gunboat diplomacy and seaborne power empires about to come to a close?

Want to join the imperialist navies ?

This real world military reality, is why patriotic high amerikan military war leaders like sacked admiral Fallon and even many in the CIA are in quite revolt

against Bush/Cheney/Israeli plans to attack Iran as religious crazy.