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ALERTA ley AETA que atenta contra las protestas PROANIMAL, se esta implementando en todos los países (USA, UK y Australia esta implementada)

Please send letters for Abolish AETA as a presidential proposal USA 2008

Senator: Barack Obama

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AETA - the Erosion of Freedom of Speech

Solicitud para abolir Ley (AETA) contra la libertad de expresión proanimal

Senator: John McCain

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Please voice your opposition to AETA

Please send letters for Abolish AETA as a presidential proposal

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Senator Barack Obama
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Senator John McCain
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Model letters

Dear _____________

As a constituent and a registered voter, I am very concerned about the trend to eradicate fundamental civil liberties that, historically, have made this country a beacon of hope around the world. I am respectfully appealing to you as my representative to consider this issue.

On November 27, 2006, S. 3880 [109th]: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (a bill to provide the Department of Justice the necessary authority to apprehend, prosecute, and convict individuals committing animal enterprise terror) became Public Law No: 109-374. While there is no room in our society for any actions that threaten public safety, I find it extremely worrisome that “terror” is increasingly being interpreted to include peaceful demonstrations -- a cornerstone in the maturation of American society ; the restrictions that are increasingly being applied to the constitutional right of free speech is detrimental to productive social discourse.

While this Act explicitly protects “any expressive conduct (including peaceful picketing or other peaceful demonstration) from prosecution as “terrorism“, the interpretation of this subject has been a point of debate since the inception of this law:

On October 30, 2006, the National Lawyers Guild released a statement strongly opposing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, saying that "if enacted into law, the Act could define as a terrorist act any activity causing a business classified as an "animal enterprise" to suffer a profit loss-even if such financial decline is caused by peaceful protests, boycotts, media campaigns or leafleting." Guild President, Marjorie Cohn said, "The AETA could lead to the prosecution of undercover investigators, whistle-blowers and other activists as 'terrorists.'"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) was the sole voice opposing the legislation when it passed by voice vote on November 13, 2006. He warned that passage of S 3880 would endanger First Amendment protections, "I am not for anyone abusing their rights by damaging another person's property or person, but I am for protecting the first amendment and not creating a special class of violations for a specific type of protest."

"Animal enterprise terror" is too vague a term to mean anything either definable or adjudicatable, but it seems under the Act to include anything which in any way interferes with the conduct of any commerce whatsoever, be it legal or illegal, involving animals or animal products.

As an average citizen, it appears that the initial concerns cited have been realized. I have learned of individuals who are being prosecuted for exposing abuses at Huntingdon Life Sciences; animal-rights organizers who were convicted of multiple felonies for running a website that advocated the closure of this notorious animal-testing lab -- a vivisection firm that kills an average of 500 animals per day. Undercover video exposed accepted practices at Huntindon Life Sciences that we in absolute contrast to legal regulations. Yet, the individuals who were compelled to publicize these abuses were prosecuted because exercising their civil rights might impact Huntingdon Life Sciences’ profits.

This Act has been expanded to encompass activity “with the intent to cause physical alteration…” “for the purpose of damaging or impairing” a company using animals. In this case, “alteration” means any activity that results in “losses” of $10,000+ due to peaceful protests, consumer boycotts, or the advocacy of reforms of harmful practices. As a committed advocate of animal rights who from time to time participates in peaceful protests or other peaceful campaigns to educate the public, I find the implications of the current trend to restrict my rights by prosecution nothing short of frightening.

Legislation introduced under the current administration is extremely biased in favor of protecting corporate abusers of animals at the expense of the individual to exercise his basic rights. As we look toward the election of a new president and the prospect of a restoration to a country where freedom is a basic right rather than an elusive concept, I am confident that you will give serious consideration to the dire implications of continuing along this path.

Finally, I am also concerned with America’s place in the international community. It is widely accepted that our failed foreign policies have placed this country in a precarious position with our global neighbors. I hope this great country does not compound this situation by denying its citizens the basic rights that we should model for the rest of the world. The America I love encourages freedom and is a trusted international ally.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these important issues.


Petition online against Law AETA (ENGHISH)
To: U.S. Congress : Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), S. 1926 and H.R. 4239

Petición en línea contra Ley AETA (ESPAÑOL)

Letters to abolish AETA (To:candidate) (SPANISH)


Como ciudadanos que siempre hemos gozado de las virtudes de la libertad de expresión como un derecho humano contenido en la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos de 1948 y amparada en los tratados internacionales de Derechos Humanos, sentimos una gran preocupación por la tendencia a eliminar las libertades civiles de una nación que, históricamente, representó un ejemplo de esperanza en todos los pueblos del mundo. Respetuosamente nos dirijos a ustedes para exponer lo siguiente:

El 27 de noviembre del 2006 la propuesta de Ley titulada: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act S. 1926 y HR 4239 (AETA) fue aprobada a pesar de que el Diputado Dennis Kucinich la cuestionó porque violaba la Primera Enmienda Constitucional que prohíbe la creación de cualquier ley que atente contra la libertad de expresión. 160 Grupos (National Lawyers Guiad, American Civil Liberties Union, New York City Bar Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, Humane Society of the US, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, entre otros) y miles de electores también se opusieron, por cuanto esta Ley define cualquier actividad proanimal (protestas pacíficas, boicots, campañas, investigaciones encubiertas para exponer la crueldad animal, publicaciones en la Web, entre otros) como acto terrorista.

Como defensores de los derechos comprometidos con esta causa, vemos con preocupación la imposibilitad de nuestros activistas aliados , para participar en protestas o campañas pacíficas , por temor a ser enjuiciados como terroristas Considerar por ejemplo una manifestación a favor de la protección animal como un acto terrorista en un país que supuestamente apoya la libertad de expresión, resultaría contradictorio e inconstitucional con los derechos civiles de un pueblo. Si esta Ley se amplía para otras luchas sociales, terminaríamos considerando a todos los líderes de derechos como terroristas. Una gran deshonra para luchadores como Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, y Mahatma Gandhi que también serían considerados como terroristas.

La legislación aprobada en virtud de que la actual administración está muy sesgada a favor de proteger a las empresas que abusan de los animales, ha puesto en tela de juicio la moralidad del pueblo americano al otorgar a los promotores de esta Ley (empresas biomédicas) beneficios, a sabiendas de que estas de manera reiterada violan constantemente las leyes federales en América. Así mismo ha deslegitimado las leyes de justicia al pisotear la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos (Derechos Civiles) y los Derechos Animales, violar acuerdos y tratados en Derechos internacionales, atentar legalmente contra la Primera Enmienda Constitucional y todo tipos de legislación animal vigente.

Por último, nos preocupa el lugar de Estados Unidos en materia política-económica ante la comunidad internacional por cuanto es un hecho ampliamente conocido , que la intervención en conflictos bélicos en otros países, ha venido debilitando, el emblema de justicia y libertad de expresión que caracterizó al pueblo americano .Desde el punto de vista económico los ciudadanos de otros países vemos con temor la legalidad de expandir una Ley represiva contra la libertad de expresión con las grandes empresas biomédicas en el mercado internacional

Al mirar hacia la elección de un nuevo presidente, aspiramos que el nuevo líder americano , reflejé un modelo de gestión, donde la libertad de expresión sea el mejor aliado de confianza en las relaciones internacionales con otros países del mundo

Agradeciéndole de antemano su reconsideración para restituir la libertad de expresión en las luchas sociales proanimales