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Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movement


In solidarity and with utmost joy, the International League of People's Struggle joins today the celebration of women in general and their revolutionary struggle for emancipation and liberation from imperialism, feudalism and patriarchalism. We remember and honor millions of women who trailblazed and paved the path for women's liberation movement.

by Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Women have fought long and hard to protect their families, communities and peoples. In various periods in world history there have been women who led their people in fighting despotic rulers and invaders. Some examples are the heroic struggles of the Vietnamese Trung sisters in 39 AD, the Philippines'Gabriela Silang in 1763 and the women in the Paris Commune and Petrograd uprising.

We commemorate today the historic ties between the women's movement and the proletarian movement for the very concept of a day celebrating women and women's militant inter-nationalism originated from the working class movement.

Women, such as Clara Zetkin, Alexandra Kollontai and Rosa Luxembourg, have inspired others to the indispensable and imperative role of women in the struggle against imperialism, feudalism and patriarchy.

Especially at this time when the US imperialists have perverted the noble cause of women's emancipation against feudal patriarchy and so-called Muslim fundamentalism to justify invasion, occupation and wars of aggression, women need to reaffirm the militant and revolutionary traditions of their movement.

Reducing women's liberation to simply a matter of individual rights or a trivialized gender war against the opposite sex, US-led imperialism seeks to hide the fact that its definition of equality is no more than the right to be as exploited and oppressed as the next propertyless person or being as mere sex object of male chauvinism and prurience.

US-led imperialism pretends to be an advocate of women's rights while transforming them into chattel for multinational corporations and commodity for the labor and sex markets. US-led imperialism proposes to bring "democratic rights" to women even as it maintains by brute force, in alliance with local reactionaries, economies that create an endless supply of impoverished women to exploit in their own homes or in sweatshops .

Under global capitalism, women comprise 75% of 1.3 billion who subsist on less than $1 per day. Majority of the 800 million impoverished and hungry are women and children even though women produce 60% of the world's food supply. In the developed countries, women's benefits - from health care to overtime pay - are under assault by corporate management.

Governments are also cutting social benefits, reducing pregnancy leaves and welfare support. Even within the United States itself, hard-won women's rights and welfare are eroded and eradicated to satisfy the lust for power and profits of monopoly and capitalists and the ruling classes.

Western nations, while reaping profits off underpaid migrant labor, enact xenophobic laws. To stifle protests against such unjust laws, the same governments pass legislation restrictive of rights and freedoms such as the Patriot Act that enable them to repress immigrants.

Roughly 50% of the world's migrants are women. Hence, the irony that these same governments that stoke anti-immigrant sentiments tolerate disguised forms of trafficking - i.e., official programs for importing workers, the mail-order bride system, to mention but two.

This is the world that women's number one enemy, imperialism, has created for womankind: a world of oppression and exploitation of entire nations, the working people and women, a world of intolerable suffering and relentless violence unleashed by the imperialists and their minions.

But imperialism, feudalism and patriarchalism are facing the growing strength and active resistance of a determined women's liberation movement. All over the world, women are involved in different forms of struggle as they carry their fight in the picket lines and trade unions, street demonstrations, parliaments and urban centers and they are engaged in people's war for liberation.

To the women who must try to survive in this world of darkness, the revolutionary traditions of March 8th are both illuminating and enlightening. Let women assert their rights to those traditions and act in concert with their revolutionary brothers to change the world. Let them forge a strong women's anti-imperialist front and solidarity the world over.

The International League of Peoples' Struggle is more than ever resolved to promote the crucially important role and initiative of the women and women's organizations within and outside the League in advancing and realizing their own distinct demands as women, cooperating with the menfolk as equal partners and contributing to the general movement for national liberation, democracy and socialism against imperialism and all reaction.

Long live the women of the world!
Persevere in the struggle against imperialism and reaction!
Raise high the banner of the women's liberation movement!

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International Coordinating Committee
International League of People's Struggle (ILPS)

Founding Chairman
Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)

Chief Political Consultant
National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF)


Re: Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movem

To be consistent with his own rhetoric, Steve Crow should be very supportive of this event.

Re: Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movem

With imperialist liers controlling the English language through their use of 'universities' to which they have the power to award themselves degrees of language, it is indeed becomming to appear as a world of darkness. However, we must always make sure we do not fall into their traps, and say less than what we mean while utilizing the working language to the peoples. Look at these traps set deliberately by the Imperialist military, "SMART BOMBS", now one would naturally assume with the co-optation of the word smart to the destructive word bomb that nothing unatural was happing here. The language doesn't lie, so it must mean what it says. Or why would billions of people be being prepared to believe the devilish use of matter-in-motion to paint the vision to the world as being a truth undisputable at point of failing English grades, that a concept such as death to the living world, plants, animals, and people, air, land and water would appear on the English agenda for a passing grade if nothing was being planned for the immediate future. So far from the truth that smart represents, is the hard fact that destroying the living world is anything but smart and in fact constitues the very essence of what the world considers lying in linguistics. Remember here what Goebells, Germanys propaganda minister said during the dark nite of Nazis Germany, that a lie if repeated often enough will be believed as the truth. However we must not stop only here while showing the deception and falseness of Imperialist military tactics and strategy to create willing cannon fodder for their planned upcomming wars of aggression. Lets look at another gem, "DEPLEATED URANIUM", and lets look at the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have lined up to the Pentagon to collect medicare for their mysterious symtoms called "GULF WAR SYNDROME". Since the ending of the "DESERT STORM" actually an illegal unjust aggressive war waged against the Iraqi's with much 'collateral damage'and against the anti-fascist covenants such as the Geneva Conventions of war, which is the supreme laws of the land according to which the U.S. constitution is sworn to uphold, the Pentagon has told the soldiers that their sickness is anything but radiation chronical disease as genetic sickness that it really is, but that DU, depleted uranium is 'harmless' and the genetic destruction they are suffering is some other non-descripted unknown phase of something that nothing is known of.( to get them out of paying the veterans medical bills). Darkness indeed but not of the literary meaning of the word. Approx. 400,000 veterans are presently suffering from the non-descripted disease and, tens of thousands dying from it, while their babies are being born in monsterous conditions and there is "No Known Cure" for how many generations, we just don't know. Now if you believe the written word as truthful and harmless, you't best think again. It is no accident that such terrible English is occurring and pushed on the populations as perfect English and such necessary truthfull knowledge as you would flunk your school year if you did not pass it on as legitimate and perfectly meaningfull to your peers and the society that you live in. I myself have found myself sometimes passing on such terrible info while coining a metaphor or two to friends or others, such gems as, 'the world has become such a horrible place of late'. This blaming of a world for the sickness caused by Imperialist man has of late grown humungusly amongst us, and we need to take cognizence of the fact. It is done purposely to defuse the growing resistence to the Imperialist wars of aggression that is on the hidden agendas of the Imperialist nations for their New millenium building of Empire (the new American century) as some sort of desirable fashion for the immediate present and not distant future. Can you imagine people giving up their childrens lives for truthful facts such you'd be dying for monopoly oil and its attendent pollution and therby dying of the world. Not very likely, so the parade of fools must be hired and paid hugely to pretify the new death march for all that lives. That is the condition of pretifying permanent war which Bush declared on the world, the new future and present condition that world imperialism finds itself in, and again it is not the fault of the ecological world per sae, but of the content of the practice of Imperialist man himself. Perhaps I should also explain my complaint even more simply. The war to end all wars is necessary to save the living breathing world. It has laws which describe its victory, such as the dismantling of the imperialist war machine, and its manufactury, before it destroys this beautiful planet. This the cdn. first div. understood and described to the worlds' peoples as the material need for its very liberation, which includes the restoration of the matriarchy such as electing woman equally judicially, and politically so they can access half the worlds wealth and law making, so such anti-woman events as aggressive war, (killing of their children), poverty, pollution, and gender discrimination, which is presently being hailed by the Imperialist men as "Freedom and Democracy" which is worth dying for, and perpetuating for all times. You'd certainly flunk English if you wrote that such English is a lie of Empire and not worthy of true linguistics. What do I suggest from these few humble word examples that have been used historically and actually are proven death traps to the young and unwary? Some would say a new renaisance, but I think it is far more than that. It involves the use of linguistics to make sure the goal of ending all forms of exploitation begins and becomes possible when "we the people" fully take up the new as necessarily dismantling the worlds war machine so that the comming of a new age can take place, which the freedom and democracy as agree, and that we all genetically recognize as our happy built in way of life for every generation, that is being promised to us in a wrongheaded way through WMD, and especially from the nuclear war that is now happining in the worlds' Holyland by the super-power number one, U.S. Imperialism. Remember the world per sae , is not to blame. After all aggressive war, is not natural. It is the deliberate and criminal policy of Imperialist man and its followers and stooges, who are preparing the world as mass grave, and all for money and definitely not freedom or collective agree as democracy. I do know that International Woman's day is but a small first necessary step to the full restoration of the matriarchy year around and all the peace, harmony, and justice to the specie that has be missing since the slaveholders destoyed it by aggressvie Imperial Wars of Conquest. It is a known fact that without the ecological organic species worldwide return of the matriarchy the livability of the entire planet is threatened with planet wide extinction. That is what Imperialism calls victory. Now ask yourselves, who will call the shouts of victory for the plants, animals, peoples, and the air, land and water. Surely that sound calls for our liberation. Not the growing use of 'smart bombs' which is advocated by Bush, Obama, Clinton, or their sometimes chump McCain all of which voted the public treasury to the unholy use of making the holyland their blood for oil killing fields.

In all of this, prof. Sison of the peoples Phillipines has been, and continues to be a teacher of truth and wisdom towards the paths of peace and liberation. Yet the liers of the Pentagon have stuck him unjustly on their illegal,and untruthful "terrorist list" showing once again that the makers of the most powerful state terrorism world wide, are the ones standing truth on its head, and using the lingo of deception and lies to confound the people. It is not the organic communes that destroy nature and war against the planets livability, it is the Imperialist system globally headed by U.S. Imperialist man.

Workers of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but the chains woven by the Imperialist linquistics, we have a world to win.

Re: Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movem

Blah, blah, blah...

Actions speak louder than words. A picture is 1000 times louder than word.

What "imperialist liers" are you talking about??? This is an actual article by Mr Sison. The pictures are actual photo of him. These are actual data; real concrete emphirical data.

Mre pictures of him here: