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Yahoo!,Terror email,India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth Haywood to undergo lie-detector test


Below the recent article from are links to my posts on the same subject and my article'post titled,'Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail' that I wrote just before news appeared linking Campbell White's and Kenneth Heywood's Yahoo! account with supposed Islamic Terrorist email sent at time of July bombings.Interesting that Yahoo! accounts were also used by supposed 'Islamic terrorists' in late 2007 as well I believe even though Yahoo! is owned and run by far right capitalist zealots such as Jerry Wang,Carl Icahn, who hide White House employees' email from U.S. Congressional oversight and steal mine for complaining ! :

Yahoo!,Terror email,India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth Haywood to undergo lie-detector test
Yahoo!,Terror email,India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth Haywood to undergo lie-detector test

It's been a while since news from India re the suspect and sleezy American company Campbell White,its employee Kenneth Haywood or Keith Heywood or whoeverand his Navi Mumbai computer sent that Islamic threat just before bombs went off in Inia killing many Indian civilians in July.
I´m not sure if India has had a news blackout or if Indian investigators have pressured for time....
As you will see below I even became paranoid that Google was blocking all past news articles last night but they returned to google news search
about as quick as they disappeared but only after I posted on google news group discussion.
The regular Google search was functioning ptretty well as usual only their news search seemed to lose the 'india bombing campbell white' search for a few hours.....
Oh and I note for some reason this most recent article on Ken Heywood and the lie detection tests he and what appears to be up to 10 others must submit to would not be found on a 'campbell white india bombs' search of Google or any other search engine because his company Campbell White is not mentioned at all,only his name.....

Below the recent article from are links to my posts on the same subject and my article'post titled,'Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail' that I wrote just before news appeared linking Campbell White's and Kenneth Heywood's Yahoo! account with supposed Islamic Terrorist email sent at time of July bombings.Interesting that Yahoo! accounts were also used by supposed 'Islamic terrorists' in late 2007 as well I believe even though Yahoo! is owned and run by far right capitalist zealots such as Jerry Wang,Carl Icahn, who hide White House employees' email from U.S. Congressional oversight and steal mine for complaining ! :

Terror email: American national, neighbour undergo lie-detector test
14 Aug 2008, 0017 hrs IST,TNN
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MUMBAI: US national Ken Haywood and the CEO of a multinational company were on Wednesday subjected to a polygraph and brain mapping tests at the state forensic science laboratory in Kalina. ( Watch )

A terror email claiming responsibility for the Ahmedabad bomb blasts was sent to some private news channels on July 27 from Haywood's computer's internet protocol (IP) address. Haywood had denied his involvement and police suspect that his IP was misused by someone to send the mail.

Sources from the anti-terrorism squad (ATS) said that Haywood and his neighbour, Raheem Shaikh (name changed), were subjected to the forensic tests on Wednesday. Shaikh, chief executive officer in an MNC, was allotted a flat by his company on the 15th floor of Gunina apartment in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.

Haywood too stays on the same floor. On Tuesday Shaikh's two cousins were subjected to these tests along with Rajesh Borkar, a VSNL technician. Six others, who live within the WiFi range of Haywood's flat, will be subjected to the forensic tests on Thursday.

The ATS had earlier recorded the statements of all the 12 persons. "They have given statements according to their wish. We are not conducting narco analysis test where an injection is given to bring the subject in semi-conscious state where he does not have control on his mind," said a senior ATS officer. Shaikh, the sources said, has not moved into the flat and is busy doing up the interiors of the flat for the past month. One of his cousins worked in a company in Libya for three years and returned to India in 2007. The other cousin works as a marketing executive and has his office in Malad. The duo stays in Vasai and would visit their cousin's flat in Navi Mumbai to check on the interior work.

The forensic tests began at around 10 am and lasted for three hours. "We will get the reports from the FSL in the next few days. We do not want to take any chance and are exploring all the angles," said ATS additional commissioner Param Bir Singh.

Sources said that the Shaikhs had visited the Gunina apartment on July 26 for a few hours. The Shaikh brothers had also earlier visited the flat. The ATS had also examined Shaikh's computer but did not find anything yet, a source said.

"We have not zeroed in on anyone as of now but hope to get important leads soon," said Singh. He added that the ATS has got the preliminary report of Haywood's computers which were examined at the lab.


Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail

By Tony Ryals

'I don't want my E-mail made public,' said one insider. As aresult,many aides have shifted to Internet E-mail instead of the White House system. 'It's Yahoo!, baby,' says a Bushie."

More Yahoo-White House Collusion; Californian, Yahoo Account Link To Recent India Bombing
by Tony Ryals Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2008 at 1:34 PM
wolfblitzzer0 (at) (email address validated)

This is a follw up to ,''Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Government Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail ''that was hidden here and on a number of indymedias for reasons beyond my comprehension. First the link as it is still available here, although hidden,then a quote from and link to a news item re the recent bombing in India having both an American and Yahoo e-mail link and a 2006 article documenting Yahoo - White House collusion. Are - or can - many indymedias be on the White House's and Yahoo's side in internet spying and repression !? I hope not......

Yahoo!,India Bombing:Kenneth Haywood,CampbellWhite Computer:Strange Fox News' Frank Luntz Connection
Dikirim oleh : Tony Ryals
Pada tanggal : 30-07-2008, 19:30
wolfblitzzer0 (at)
internasional / miscellaneous / news report

Campbell White ,(company whose computer was used along with a Yahoo!
account to disseminate supposed Islamic terrorists' message at or near
time of recent Indian bombing), certainly has friends in far
right,(Fox News),places or they at least admire far right commentators
- particularly Frank Luntz of Fox News,etc. I also noted that while
both Fox News and CNN gave coverage to bombings in both Iraq and
Turkey that occured at about the time of the equally tragic,if not
worse,Indian bombings - that at least on Fox and I believe CNN as well
Coincidence ? Why was India's plight not worth mention !?

Yahoo!,India Bombing:Ken Haywood or Keith Heywood ? U.S.military, police ? 'Kens White' his wife ?
Dikirim oleh : Tony Ryals
Pada tanggal : 01-08-2008, 15:49
wolfblitzzer0 (at)
internasional / miscellaneous / news report

Campbell White Computer and Strange Fox News - Frank Luntz Connection


And 'Kens',his wife's supposed first name,is STILL a very strange first name for any man or woman in America or in Europe I as well, I believe ......

Yahoo!,India Bombing,Kenneth Haywood,Campbell White,Door Ministries,Christian Fellowship Ministries
Dikirim oleh : Tony Ryals
Pada tanggal : 02-08-2008, 12:31
wolfblitzzer0 (at)
internasional / miscellaneous / news report

''The only problem is, Campbell White, the firm that Haywood works for, is not a multinational company at all. Or, if it is, it’s certainly a very strange one. What I’ve managed to find out is that Campbell White is effectively a front for a far right Christian cult, and is far from the image being spun by Haywood and the media. This will take a little explaining, but it’s well worth it.'' - gnn.........
I have today come across a very good article from gnn website that does some good research re Campbell White shell company and those behind it whose Mumbai computer was used to send the supposed Islamic terrorist email from their Yahoo account.It appears that whether Kenneth Haywood has been U.S military or police in past or not their Campbell White is a fraud company with right wing Christian fundamentalists behind it who appear to be in favor of stirring up religious controversy and religious financial fraud whether in America,India or elsewhere. Appropriate that they (Campbell White and Heywood, )see Rupert Murdoch's Fox News and or its U.S. Repulican Party spokesman Frank Luntz as their role models.

While I post the article in full it is recommended to read the original at link posted below that will have additional links to the Google caches and 'christian' websites documenting the article and investigation of gnn itself.

Opening the Doors of hell in India:

W Bush Religion,India Bombing,Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg-Pseudo Christian ?, Judeo Fascist?
Dikirim oleh : Tony Ryals
Pada tanggal : 12-08-2008, 04:55
wolfblitzzer0 (at)
internasional / teknologi informasi / news report

Bush, in Beijing, Says No State Should Fear Religion

It appears that at least one member of the of India, Jonathan Heimberg,who prosyletizes in Bangalore,India for christian converts there in his spare timemay well be a closet Judeo Fascist rather than just an Arizona,etc., based Door Ministries or Christian Fellowship Ministries or The Potter's House,etc., Fascist !

my google news groups query of last night :

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More options Aug 12, 3:30 pm
From: devil_dog
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 09:30:50 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Aug 12 2008 3:30 pm
Subject: Google changed something under the hood?
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I am a news publisher and have seen some changes within the last 48
hours. Traffic has dropped drastically.

Until last week, if we search for a full title published(evn without
the quotes), the story from our site was always first on regular
google search. Few minutes later it would show up in
search as well.

Since last 48 hours, thats changed, we no longer show up in regular
search for new stories, but continue to show up in the news search.

Has something changed recently? Has google stopped giving the extra
push they used to give to news publishers?

Hope my site is not being penalized for anything. If thats the case,
where do i check it?

Have other news publishers faced similar issues?

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Tony Ryals
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More options Aug 13, 3:42 am
From: Tony Ryals
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 21:42:28 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Aug 13 2008 3:42 am
Subject: Re: Google changed something under the hood?
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Actually I was thinking similarly about some change recently but much
more specifically....Up until this afternoon I could do a Google news
search of ´india bombing campbell white´and find not only my post from
cleveland indymedia but also of course established news references
that included not only corporate news sources in but also from Great
Britain,etc..Now since late afternoon ALL NEWS ITEMS OR SEARCHES FOR ´
ÍNDIA BOMBING CAMPBELL WHITE ´ have disappeared from Google News
Search ! This is very strange indeed isn´t it !? In fact before the
complete disappearance no new news regarding Indi bombings and
Campbell White have appeared.The latest was mine from around August 1.
Strangely again - I can't remember the Indian news source - but an
article appeared abouyt the subject on an Indian news site on August 8
I believe quoting Kenneth Heywood stating business was bad since the
bombing and he was planning on leaving India.I thought his precense
was still requested or required for the investigation.And that news
appeared only by searching the regular Google search NOT GOOGLE NEWS -
and I have not been able to relocate that news item since ! What
gives !?

Interesting Haywood,India articles appear on Google News

Actually some interesting articles I had not seen from the past week or two have appeared on Google News radar.Here's the link to Google News 'ken haywood' search and a preview of some article titles.Also a direct link to an article that caught my interest dated Mumbai, Aug 11 because the title clearly states,'US national`s computer may not have been hacked: Police '.Interestingly no
India or establishment news sources so far make the connection between Haywood and Arizona and international right wing Christian organizations, Door Ministires,Christian Fellowship Ministries and The Potter's House nor or some his Campbell White pals' such as Robert Dodd's and Jonathan Heimberg's connections to a few questionable U.S. penny stocks mentioned.

Sorted by relevance Sort by date Sort by date with duplicates included 'Lie detector test shows I am innocent': Haywood
Times of India, India - 3 hours ago
NAVI MUMBAI: Ken Haywood longs to get back to normal life. But the 44-year-old from whose internet protocol address the 'terror email' claiming ...
US national subjected to lie detection test Sify
Haywood undergoes lie test, brain-mapping Daily News & Analysis
Ahmedabad blasts: American to undergo lie detector tests
Times of India - Times of India
all 25 news articles »

TopNews Ken Haywood pays ATS unhappy visit
Times of India, India - Aug 1, 2008
MUMBAI: Ken Haywood, the US national from whose IP address a warning e-mail was sent to the media before the Ahmedabad blasts, on Thursday visited the ...

US national`s computer may not have been hacked: Police

Mumbai, Aug 11: Police probing last month's serial blasts in Ahmedabad on Monday said it is unlikely that someone hacked into an American national's computer to send a threatening e-mail sent prior to bombings.

"We asked some private consultants regarding the e-mail and the general opinion was that it is unlikely that Ken Haywood's computer was hacked to send the message," Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Hemant Karkare said.

The use of the unsecured wireless Internet router at the American national's residence is suspected to have been used to send the email, he said.

The IP address from which the mail was sent to some television channels a few minutes prior to the blasts was traced to the residence of Haywood, residing in Navi Mumbai.

Investigators are hopeful of getting some clues from the interrogation of persons living in the same building as the American national, Karkare said.

"Most of the suspects we wanted to question were available," he said.

The ATS is still to receive the forensic laboratory reports of the 10 computers seized from the Navi Mumbai building in which the American national resides.

Inquiries were being made with suspects who were former cadre of the banned organisation SIMI and other organisations but no leads have emerged, Karkare said.

Also, there is no headway in investigations into the theft of the four cars, which were used in the Ahmedabad blasts and found loaded with explosives in Surat, he said.

Bureau Report


Re:India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth Haywood Fundame

Fundamentalist Christian connection

Here's the first Indian investigative reporting I've seen that mentions the fundie Christian connection of Kenneth Haywood and Campbell White whose e-mail account
was mysteriously taken over by the holy ghost and belched out an Islamic terrorist warning just before all heil broke lose with the bombings in late July.They don't mention the penny stock scams of Bob Dodd or Jonathan Heimberg though. Also another Indian news article states that in fact they don't believe the holy ghost took over his computer and internet account.:

The curious case of Ken Haywood
Posted online: Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 0052 hrs Print EmailAs the American undergoes lie detector test, the Anti-Terror Squad is trying to figure out the man behind his personae
Sagnik Chowdhury, Smita Nair & Johnson T A

Mumbai/ Bangalore , August 13: Ken Haywood, the American national from whose Internet Protocol (IP) address the terror e-mail was sent prior to the Ahmedabad serial blasts, underwent lie detector tests on Wednesday, a senior police official said in Mumbai. Maharashtra’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), which is probing the case, traced the e-mail to Haywood’s flat in Navi Mumbai and found that his background and job were “of a slightly dubious nature”. But the information available so far is not good enough to charge him or suggest his involvement in the case.

Related Stories Terror mail: US national, 9 others made to undergo lie-detector test
Week after blasts, anger overshadows fear at the Civil Hospital
Cops see local hand
At least 3 Surat bombs had wrong wiring, alert could have aborted plot
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“We have conducted inquiries on Haywood’s background and his company. These are of a slightly dubious nature, and even the company he works for and its office are a bit suspect,” ATS chief Hemant Karkare told The Indian Express. “However, this does not directly link him with the case in any way. After all, having a suspicious background, or even working for a bogus company is not enough to book anyone for involvement in terror activities,” he added.......
The police in Mumbai and Bangalore have said there is primary evidence to show that Haywood’s wi-fi account was hacked into and compromised, resulting in the terror e-mail on July 26 — five minutes before the blasts. Questions remain as to who did it and how they picked on Haywood’s computer network.

Haywood is supposed to be a corporate training manager and general manager with a company called Campbell White, which describes itself on its website as a “premier executive soft skills trainer”.
On the corporate side, Daniel Rubianes is the managing director of the company with its main office at the first floor of the M S Plaza in east Bangalore. Rubianes, like many other employees of Campbell White, wears a second hat. On Thursdays and Sundays, he is pastor Dan Rubianes, the head of the Door Christian Centre — a church with origins in Arizona in the US but relatively new to India. Door Christian Centre is a part of the Pentecostal Christian Fellowship Ministries, also known as the Potter’s House. Haywood is a functionary of the Potter’s House in Mumbai.
The Indian Express found that the Mumbai office of the MNC is located in two small adjoining rented rooms on the ground floor of Sanpada railway station complex in Navi Mumbai. The two rooms also serve as prayer rooms on Sundays and Thursdays for the Potter’s House. A notice pasted on the wall says the community service has been cancelled until further notice and is signed by Haywood.
Brother Richard D’Souza, the contact person for the centre, said, “We have been running our prayer service for the last one year from these premises. It is only this year that Campbell White opened its branch here.” He said 20 students learn English from Haywood.
Campbell White like Scott Grabowska, a former Mumbai-based international protocol trainer, David Curwen-Walker, a senior operations manager, and Jonathan Heimberg, a senior information services manager, both in Bangalore, have shown links to the church. For instance, Curwen-Walker and Heimberg head the Door churches at Kammanahalli and Koramangala in Bangalore.
However, Campbell White and the Door church officials have remained elusive on the links between the two entities. When contacted Michael White, an Australia-based director for Campbell White, refused to comment on the India operations. “You must speak to Dan Rubianes in Bangalore,” he said.

Some churchgoers at the Door Christian Centre in Cox Town in Bangalore said Rubianes had left for the US on August 3 to attend a Bible conference in Arizona.

“Campbell White is a business that pastor Dan runs. We as churchgoers are not aware of its nature,” said Hemanth Kumar, an engineering student, who has been associated with the church since it began three years ago. “Being American, pastors are equipped to work as accent trainers. In Bangalore, many such people work in churches,” added Ravi Kumar, a member of the church in Bangalore.

Incidentally, Joseph Campbell, who is listed as the US director of Campbell White, is believed to be the seniormost pastor of the Door church in Arizona.