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Rhetoric for Radicals


New Book for activists and organizers.

Rhetoric for Radicals:
A Handbook for Twenty-First Century Activists
By Jason Del Gandio


Radicals have important messages to deliver but are too often caught up in the passion of their causes that they lose sight of effective communication—which is their biggest tool. Crucial to the cause is the ability to speak with clarity and intelligence and not to underestimate the challenge of breaking new ground and winning new converts.

Activists often suffer from a credibility gap because of their lack of a coherent message and lack of strategic delivery. Rhetoric for Radicals addresses and helps solve these problems. It provides the all-important communication skills necessary to be effectively heard. If you accept that communication creates the social world, then you will agree that changing the way we communicate can change the world.

Rhetoric for Radicals provides practical guidelines for public speaking, writing, conversation, persuasion, political correctness, propaganda analysis, street theatrics and new languages. Chapters include:
• Streets, Rhetoric, and Revolution
• A Call for Rhetorical Action
• Skills for the Multitude
• The Power of Language
• Body Rhetoric
• Twenty-First Century Radical Rhetoric

Geared to college-aged radical activists and organizers, this book will also appeal to activists of any age who want to sharpen their messages.

Jason Del Gandio is a lecturer at Temple University in Philadelphia. He is a post-Seattle activist who has worked on globalization and free/fair trade issues, anti-war campaigns and Latin American solidarity.