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Why religions are going through Brhmo-Phobia?


Brhmo-Phobia is the latest psychological fear developing among religions from Brhmoist-Brhmoism. This is a non religious entity. But even then Brhmoist are under vigilance and radar of all religions.

Brhmo-phobia is known as Brhmoism Phobia which parents or care takers of some religions are advancing through. Brhmoism which had become a rage among teen specially students those are now converting into this new found novel non-religious philosophy.

The message of Brhmoism in Hindi to the entire world is ‘Sarva Dharma Ek Ho’ means ‘All Religion Unite’. Their stake is unless any individual intuitively desires this by head and heart no matter how religious he or she is, in God’s eye they are far from ‘real spiritualism’ or universal spiritualism It’s founder is Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra who is also an author of Brhmaand Pujan means ‘Universal Prayers.

Brhmoism had announced it’s own form of non-religious philosophy which offers Brhmo-Spiritualism - ‘Spiritualism of Brhmaand Brahman. They reject myths, superstitions, blind faith and disclose a new way of scientific-meditation without turning to atheist. Thus today’s generation who are knowledge hungry and demand reasons or logics to believe and trust in God are more or less getting convinced by this so called philosophy , meditation, spiritual ways offered by Brhmoist. Practitioners of this meditation claim they had found a new world of bliss.

Brhmoism is a non-religious entity. Brhmoism - Brhmoist worship
basic syllable mantra in BRHMAAND PUJAN ‘Universal Prayers’ which is ' AUM BRHMANDAYA NAMAH ' . Brhmaand in English means Universe. In Sanskrit and Hindi ‘Universe’ is also referred as-
Brham , Brahman , Brahmand , Brhmand , Sohum. Brhmaand Pujan sacred philosophical literature is written by Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra
Founder of Brhmoism-Brhmoist. This is a non-religious philosophy of educated people who believe in God of logic- ‘God Universe’

Brhmoist slogan or call for the world is- ‘Sarva Dharma Ek Ho’ . Brhmoism invites ‘every religion of the world to unite in one’. As the founder Naresh Sonee of Brhmoist believes ‘Aatmic Mulya Dharm Ek Hai, Jan Mat Anek Hai.’ which means ‘Spiritually God or religion is one, But opinion and route to reach the root differs.’
Brhmosim is also referred or revered as Brhmaandism. BRHMAANDISM is a sort of ‘Universal Religion’ suggested for over all ‘Global Welfare’ originated from India. It’s founder Naresh Sonee who is also an author of Brhmaand Pujan book published in 1999. This so called religion also abbreviate as ‘Brhmandism’ , ‘Brhm-om-ism’ , ‘Brhm-omen-ism’ and ‘Brhmoism’. In Sanskrit Brahman or ‘Brhmand’ means ‘Universe’. However the founder denies that Brhmoism is a religion. According to him Brhmoist are logical seeker, explorers and believers of Brahman or Brhmaand the Universe.

‘Genuine God Brahman’
The Brhmoist try to understand and explore this ‘Genuine God Brahman’ the Divine- who lives out of religions but at the same time this God Brahman confuse and divert all religions to compete and envy each other. And Brhmo-wadi or Brhmoist try to understand this Brahman God meaningfully by approaching or analyzing with all rational cum justified philosophy, further exploring Brahman through insight communications of scientific-spiritualism. Some term this is sort of a philosophy more or less as Pseudoscience
Brhmoism is also said ‘Swayamism’. Which means - Knowing not only your own self but Brhmoism suggests the way to understand and empathy others’ minds-n- matters too around you. Brhmoism is practiced by concentrating strictly in silence and is a ‘self secret meditation reaching spiritualism through insights, intuitions, awareness and observations’.
Brhmoism discard Pseudoscience such as quackery , occult, and superstition , blind faith , paranormal , witch craft , voodoo etc.

No Open Takers of Brhmoism
So far, in India or other parts of the world there are hardly any open takers , exhibitors, else care takers of this awkward ‘forbidden religion’ as the same is being practiced indoors restricted to only self , undisclosed to common people yet. While, unlike all other religions prevailing in the globe, Brhmandism still fails to get recognize or influence open followers as it strictly forbids and discourages professional propaganda or promotions of ‘Self’ intentions or purpose.
Brhmoism has no- inbuilt or self built techno qualities or technological properties of thrilling and adventuring compositions of carried forward myths, superstitions and magic which are supposed to be the quaint essence of all prevailing religions. Secondly Brhmoism is restricted to a self cornered, self centered beliefs or approach that is specially individually secretly ‘self practiced’ without disclosing or declaring the secret ‘fundas’ of spiritual mediation unless one is eager to follow them. This way to confidential spiritualism is so kept highly strict confidential. However, for general people Brhmoism at primary stage offers and covers some significant and constructive message or mission as their fundamentals rules.

Brhmoism never declare ‘self’ as religion
According to the founder of Brhmoism, Brhmoist are ‘Messengers to Self ’. So Brhmoism is not a religion, nor a political party, neither any NGO. All Brhmoism does meant that- Brhmoism is a logical spiritual connotation and connection of emotional empathically people who put efforts in exploring, exchanging ,understanding ‘human to human’- religious wise designs of thoughts and thereafter concluding to self- notions of spirituality enhancing relations of ‘human to God ’.

Brhmondism expose Spiritual-Science
Through ‘Brhmaand Pujan ’ the updated form of meditation Brhmoism propose and expose a novel way to reach core spiritualism or Spirituals through logical science which even critics-reviewers of Indian News Papers had appreciated.

What is Brhmand Pujan?
Brhmoism took birth from the natural insight or impulse of ‘Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra’ who also happens to be the author of an Indian Sacred Book Brhmand Pujan. Though Brhmaand or Brahman or Universe is mentioned and has significance in every religion or science but so far no one had come forward to emphasize / worship / highlight / credit Brahman as the ultimate God- who ceaselessly exists as the overall Creator & Destroyer by ‘SELF’. Naresh Sonee believes- Rather much importance are given to the private religious Gods, their cults, cultures, traditions, ceremonies, etc. According to him real spiritualism begins when we come out from the shell of a religion. He adds – Religions survives in lakes and ponds. If the former nourishes herbivorous frogs , the latter produces carnivorous crabs.

Every religious God perished away
Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra took the first initiative to do so by announcing through his book Brhmaand Pujan where He gives a Spiritual Insight to the Brahman and declare HIM as the real ‘Super Hero & Ultimo God’. According to Sonee it’s only Brahman who gives birth to entire religious Gods those may be worshipped in private or otherwise. And no religious God is so powerful to disobey or reject Brahman’s orders. Every religious God perished away in human form but Brahmad still exist ceaselessly to ‘Self’ desires.
In Sanskrit or Hindi language Brhmaand is also referred as Brahman – The Universe. The self style controversial book Brhmand Pujan book was first published in 1999 in Hindi-English language and had been registered under Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Copyright Office, Registration No. L-21496 / 2003.
Time & again, Brhmaand Pujan Book or it’s thesis, syllable mantras which all to be composed, compromised or capsulated hardly in 31 pages get highly appreciated even by difficult Hindu media newspapers critics’ reviewers. Meanwhile, Brhmaand Pujan book is also referred as ‘Brhmand Chalisa’ or ‘Brhmmand Saar’ in India. But the book was withdrawn from shelves due to sensitive controversies following this self style scripture.

Brhmand Chalisa’ differs from Hanuman Chalisa
However, this ‘Brhmand Chalisa’ differs from Hanuman Chalisa a praising hymns of Lord Hanuman, where a holy monkey faced God is revered in Indian mythological sacred epical book Ramayana. This classic epics of Hindu religious scripture first happens to be the prominent top most ever renowned literature, favorite of all times. It contains attractive epical verses on life and career of Lord Rama in which Hanuman played a vital selfless role in helping Rama rescuing his wife Goddess Sita from Ravana who was a ten face demon king of Shri Lanka. However, ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ if recited is believed to keep evil spirits away or even believed to influence and please planet Saturn and Mars . Hindu mythology refer these two planets as Lord Shani & Lord Mangal who stay instrumental to erase difficulties, moreover smoothen lives of their followers. In astro-science or astrology also Shani & Mangal plays a vital role to shape the fortunes of believers. Rama is believed to be the incarnation of God Vishnu.

Reviewers Critics says
Reviewing critics admits and describe ‘Brhmand Pujan’ as an updated version of Bhagwat Gita –Saar but defining Brhmaand Pujan to pass all test of times, regions, and religions, critics reviewers claims the nectar in this updated scripture is far updated and more meaningful or substantial and could withstand along with any religious or rational era of past, present or future times. Whereas, in Brhmaand Pujan no regional or religious God , Messiah, Prophet, Seer takes credit of creating and destroying the universe whole and soul by Self.

Does Gita-Saar differs from Brhmaand-Saar
However, In Hindu Mythological Epic Mahabharta, Lord Krishna still stay responsible to create and destroy the universe or Brahman. Hundreds of centuries ago God Krishna was a God Vishnu’s Avataar incarnation. So incarnating ‘self’ in realistic live during Mahabharata era Krishna in human or super human form was practically instrumental for creating or influencing the Mahabharata war. Gita – Saar was a discourse given by Lord Krishna to Pandav’s son Arjun’s for his awareness on the ground of war. Today the Gita-Saar is a renowned philosophy and worshipped as core religious wisdom by Hindus of India and world.

God Brahman differs the ‘Three Face Brahma God’
Unlike Hanuman Chalisa , Brhmaand Chalisa or Brhmand Pujan is a bitter, sweet, sour / love-n-hate encounters or relationship of disciples / followers of Brhmosim with Brahman the omnipresent God. Whereas followers or disciples of Brahman Pujan seeks true solace and sustain to all logical approach to self or others’religion and so moves on exploring the final destination of ‘Absolute Wisdom’ searching or analyzing self or universe with the intuitions of ‘God Brhmaand’. Readers or reciters of Brhmaand Pujan believes that this way of meditation helps to clear out false assumptions, perceptions and illusiveness views carried forward since ages by vivid personal religions. Moreover the followers of Brhmoism find or explore their own paths enhancing up at different levels of spiritualism through insight awareness of Brahman which is ceaselessly within you and around you.
Seekers or followers in Brhmoism or say disciples who does Brhmaand Pujan expose and explore themselves to logical devotional prayers dedicating their head-n-heart, body-n-soul here to the ‘God, referring Him as the ‘God Brhmaand’ Who is the Ultimate ‘God Universe’ and not God ‘Brhma Deva’, the three face Deity revered in Hindu mythology.

‘Tridev’ in Hindu Mythology
Tri Dev means – Three Gods Brahma , Vishnu , Shiva . As per Hindu Mythology and beliefs, even God Brahma possessed ‘Three Faces’ so is worshiped by them as He played an very vital role in creating the universe. While God Shiva is responsible for destruction of universe. However, Lord Vishnu happens to be the sustainer of the universe. These three Gods are worshipped as Trinity or ‘Tridev’ in Hindu religion and mythology. Apart from these three Gods, Hindu tradition worship some 330,000 of such all supernatural beings in various forms Hindu deities which even Indian Puranas elaborates and mentions. The oldest scripture Vedas of Hindus also mention Brahman but the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics had emphasized more values to Hindu living Deities of their times. According to Hindu mythology or religion Gods- Brahma , Vishnu , Shiva are the three partners who rule the universe. And Lord Krishna was incarnation of Vishnu. So Hindu mythology concludes Rama and Krishna were both incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Brhmaandism contradict every religion
Interestingly Brhmaand Pujan or say Brhmaandism contradict every religion and has an unique but universal appeal as it suggest the world to merge all in ‘One Religion’ which is called Humanism , Universalism , ‘Brhm-om-ism’ , ‘Wisd-om-ism’ . Without believing in myths, superstitions, magic, rigidity of any religion of the world, Brhmaandism has a direct but reasonable approach with God Brahman the Universe. No support of any pre historical eras or their traditions, cultures, ceremonies, belief systems of any religion is encouraged over here.

Meaning of ‘OM’ or AUM’
As per Hindu Mythology even Lord Shiva used to meditate recite – ‘OM’ or ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ syllable mantras . If this three syllabus mantras is decoded that actually means - Om means Brahman. ‘Brah-Om’ terms as ‘Brahman’ or ‘Brhmand’ or Universe. According to the author – founder of Brahmand Pujan Lord Shiva used to remember and recite ‘Brahm’ which in short form means- ‘Om’. As per Naresh Sonee no ‘Wise or True Gods’ must had blown their ‘Self’ trumpets and never must had called their followers to recite their names and propagate their religions or criticizing other religions. ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ syllable mantras are other way decoded by Sonee. He says- Lord Shiva must had advised or proposed to his followers to recite and surrender to ‘OM’ – the Brahman . By recalling and shortening the name Brahman reducing to a vowel ‘Aum’ or ‘Ouuuuuum’ believed to create a current full connection or vibrations to enhance spiritual links. However saying in Sanskrit- ‘Namah’ means ‘Naam’ which means ‘Name’ and ‘Naman’ too which further means ‘I bow to honor/salute/ you with absolete head, heart, soul and body’ Brhmaand was ‘honored’ by ‘Shivay’ Shiva in His every breath. The full syllable mantra -Aum Namah Shivaya means – ‘Universe Shiva bow/surrenders You’ . Further to elaborate the mantra - ‘Oh, Lord Universe, myself Shiva recite your name and absolutely surrenders / bow / salute / honor and greet you with all my head, heart, soul and body’.

Significance of vowel in Spiritualism
Naresh Sonee adds- God Shiva in his every breath used to salute, pay honor, remember Brahman by meditating via this Mantras. ‘Ooooooooom’ is a universal ‘vowel’ and gives a very powerful spiritual connections to the ‘Universe’ the Brahman . Even ‘Uuuuuuu’ for Universe or ‘Amen’ resembles ‘ Aum. Such are all religiously meant ‘vowels’ to attracts and connect ‘calming current’ if ‘hummed’ merely to favor or approach God. So is ‘Aaaaaaal’ for Allah. Every religion can test such ‘vowels’ stakes of the author of Brhmaand Pujan. Actually Messiahs & Prophets of renowned religions had already gifted such ‘Spiritual Salutations’ or ‘Spiritual Solutions’ to approach or please God by humming or calming self.. But the followers follow or assume differently and focus more on competing / complaining / convincing / confusing –self and each other.

‘Belling’ Gods also produce a vowel or humming current. Many religions had found flutes, bells, drums, other sounds of musical instruments a powerful vibrating links to God which actually is to please, convince, honor the Universe or Brahman . Thus planets, stars, moons rain, breeze, waves, fire, light, current, smell , human , animals does produce a ‘vibrating vowel’ sound of representing the Universe or Brahman . Such are the insights views of Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra.
He adds- Spiritualism is an endless, ceaseless growing journey along with Brahman the Universe. Once you get addicted to this spiritual journey , You live in your own world. Nothing stay more important to you than your God. Brahman . ‘Money or Matter’ , ‘Mind or Muscles’ do not influence you. Fame & Fortune are immaterial too. When ‘Head & Heart emotionally empathically coincide, ‘Conscious & Conscience’ get awake and the practitioners of such spiritualism devote themselves to ‘One Religion’ that only care, caress, protect, promote the people in whole not restricted to own personal or private religion. To love and beautify the world is the motto of genuine -Spiritualists.

Real Spiritualism does not begins within Religion
Interestingly, according to Naresh Sonee real spirituals are persons who are not rigid, restricted to their private injected or carried forward religion. For real Spirituals every religion. Messiah, Prophets is ‘dear’ more than self ’s . Loving good points from other religions is the protocol of Brhmoism. As per the author –How could a stubbed, superstitious call himself a Spiritual when by inner mind he hates other religion. Real Spirituals never advocates hatred to other religions.

Brhmoism are atheist?
Believing in private or personal religion does not certify that the Supreme God Brahman love you or your religion as per Naresh Sonee’s says- Neither religions are meant to blow self trumpets nor to harass or compete with other religions. However religions were meant to protect, care , calm the world in whole . Not to compete with each others’ religion by breaking the world apart with pain and penance. Religion should have a broad mind, progressive approach to help and unite the world. Brhmoism is not a religion.
As per the founder of Brhmoism - There exist ‘five’ type of Atheist in the human world . Foremost who don’t care any religion, Second who damn care the universe. Third who remains in religion and hurt other religions sentiments . Fourth who pretends, propagate present and exhibit themselves to be strict religious.
And the most religious person as per Brhmoism is- One who loves and care every religion and abide to the fundamental principals of the Universe but disqualifying or stubbed ills of religions those mislead illogically.

Logical God Brhmand
In Brhmaand Pujan a direct link is created between seekers and ‘God Brhmaand’. And an updated and ‘Logical God’ is worshipped without following any myths of mechanisms, via Gurus, Godmen , dogmas , discourses of any religion.

Brhmoism worship Brahman
Brhmoism says - The Universe or Brahman who is The ‘One & Only’ true God created by itself and is timeless, aimless, boundless, ceaseless, shapeless, omnipresent. In Etymology Brhm denote as root-stem grow, swell, enlarge.
According to Brhmoism , Brhmaand is visible & non-visible too. Which means Brahman could never be measured or weight by human eyes or mind {limbs & senses}. Human possess limited powers to see and feel it absolutely.
Brhamaand update every micro second along with ‘It’s’ beings and non beings. This includes space, time, galaxies, planets, stars, moons, earth, air, water, fire, human, animals, plants, beings, non beings etc. As per Brhmoism-The same strategy human should follow in every religion and region. Their ideas should grow and not cease or restrict to a personal ideology. Every religion should get updated and move with Brhmaand’ accepting or doing the change like it. As per Brhmoism ‘Time & Universe’ are two parts of the same coin. In short we all are micro particules of Brhmaand and never dare to challenge this God Universe the Brahman with our private religions.

Founder of Brhmaand Pujan
The founder and promoter of this ‘Brhmoism’ or ‘Brhmaandism’- Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra says- that Brahman or Brhmaand is immortal. No religion or it’s God had produced Brahman but Brahman has created every God & His/Her religions. Brhmoism says- religion can be registered , carried forward or injected regionally or globally and are restricted to some boundaries. But no human made religion can extent or spread over it’s branches far away into the infinite, ceaseless, aimless, boundless galaxies or spacious Universe, which is known as Brahman or Brhmaand.

Sohum Sutras
Added name by author. Sohum Sutra terms in Sanskrit or Hindi as - ‘Sohum’ means ‘Universe’. Also known as Brahman. ‘Sutra’ in Sanskrit or Hindi means ‘Link- Source-Child. All those worship Brhmaand are ‘Sohum Sutras’. Founder of Brhmoism Sohum Sutra claims to be a mere instrumental ‘Link-Source-Child’ of God Brhmand. According to him- All human should religiously unite and become ‘One Relgion’ which should be name ‘Universalism’ or ‘Brhmoism’. Universalism should never be restricted to a private religion of one culture, class, country, color , creed. Universalism means ‘All religion should become or merge in ONE by burying or erasing blind faiths, superstitions, myths etc.

Some fundamentals format of Brhmoism :
Literature or views in any form of Brhmoism should be shared absolutely free unconditionally to the world as Spirituality should be spared or barred from professionalism. No professional missionary, groups, religion should be made to propose, practice, promote, propagate or progress ‘Brhmoism – Universalism’.
Every religion or their Gods, Messiahs, Prophets should be regarded and respected more than Self’s religion – as per Brhmoism. Whetreas, Brhmoism is a ‘single mind silent self observating’ religion, so should never attempt compare, debate, compete with other religion. Brhmoism is a religion of ‘Self Mind’ never get influence or try to influence other’s mind. Conversions to Brhmoism is by head-n-heart not by exposing exhibiting dress codes, make ups, flags or building shrines, godmen, priests , caretakers etc.
As Brahman or Universe expands or flow by ‘Self’ in no hurry or competition or comparison so should Brhmoism take it’s own time to take over the world. Brhmoism is a ‘Self Expanding Spiritualism’ so need no mob, group, religion, mission to prove it’s existence. Knowledge of Wisdom or Spirituality could not be thrusted or imposed on people that Brhmoism says- Brhmoism supports and love every religion but without supporting their superstitions, blind faiths.
‘Brhm-Om-Ism’ or Brhmmand Pujan strongly rejects ‘Religious Professionalism’ in any form as God Brahman never can be bought, sold, transferred or swapped by any superb mean or super human. Brhmand Pujan rigidly oppose to get registered by any personal religions, gurus, priests, god-wo/men or so. Brhmomism discard superstitions and blind faiths and in such entertain no religious quacks to undertake over ‘God Brahman’

Brhmaandism regards and accept noble and wise acts of each and every religion and their Gods , Prophets , Messiahs , Saint , Seers , Priests but whereby decline , delete and discard all carried forward superstitions and blind faiths of past and present.
Brhmaand Pujan shows the way to love God Brahman which is the over all universe without bribing ‘God Brhmaand’ with so called materialistic pampering or without blaming God for good or bad rewards which Brahman or we chalk out ‘Self’
Brhmaand Pujan suggest the way to think right, decide right, act right in a logical, empathical way without harassing and harming other religions. While allowing every religion to grow with a broad understanding smile.

Brhmoism believes in deep logical mediation and spiritualism where followers need no professional Guru, Priest, Seer, Saint as agent to pamper, interrupt each other or God.
Brhmoism strongly oppose to propagate, exhibit and expand self religion with money or muscles power and so switch off the idea or ideology of praising and promoting on own, It strongly objects ‘Self’ never to compete or compare with other religions.
Brhmoism cast off the idea or ideology to make self – professional promoting temples , shrines , trust , missionaries , films , books etc or propagating ‘Self’ name to earn benefits in the name of Lord Brhmaand . As Brhmoism believes there are enough religions or trusts to do so and never wish to add ‘Brhmoism’ as one more herd or hurdle , a self praising breed blowing self trumpets differently or else annoying other religions for ‘Self’ admiring sake whereas leaving out other religion to compete or envy too.
Brhmoism silently and secretly believes in spreading and sharing universal
Love, livelihood, laughter.
Help, health, happiness, harmony.
Peace, progress, pardoning.
Wealth, Wisdom, Virtues
around the world

Brhmoism works to spread-n-share all above elements with absolute emotional and emphatical ease. And not at all by non-violent, non-terror means and measures.
Brhmoism works to benefit among all innocent and ignorant beings without harming, hurting, harassing them whom so ever exists in the Brhmaand – The Universe. Brhmoism works to build-n-beautify the earth and over all universe. Brhmoism works to eradicate suffering poverty, penance, patients in the world.
Brhmoism ultimate mission or aim is to see ‘all sane religions’ of the world merging with each other merrily without hating, harming, harassing each other. Live-n-Let Live is the ‘mul or amulya’ mantra of Brhmoism.
Brhmoism spread and share logical updated wisdom, rational awareness, logical meditation. Brhmoism works and makes- weeping eyes laugh, paining heart pleased, swelled bodies sooth,
Brhmoism meditation is practiced using no materialistic or mechanical approach to God. Brhmoism could be practiced complementary or supplementary along with any ‘Sane religion’ or ‘Wise God’. Brhmoism silently works to update- way for today’s or next generation to understand actual meditation & spiritualism with logical mindful methods.
Brhmoism followers are suggested to share 10% of their materialistic or knowledgeable belongings confidentially to distressed , under privileged , ill-literate beings without highlighting or exhibiting themselves.
Followers of Brhmoism need not gather in groups or accumulate money by making temples, trusts or unions regional or global. While doing so ‘Their’ Spiritual Links with ‘The Brhmaand’ would certainly get disturbed and distorted.
Brhmoism could be practiced or followed without any past dress codes or body make-ups. No complex, complicated mechanism of past is suggested in Brhmaand Puajn to approach, please or feel God Brhmand . It’s totally practiced by inner sight and self intuitions applying logics. Brhmoism is for all, has no restrictions to color, cult, creed, generation or gender. Every one stay equal for followers.
Brhmoism believes in Self & Silent Mediation without exhibiting or propagating the same in public or any media platform. To obtain ‘Self Peace’ followers should restrain and restrict themselves to practice only ‘Silent Mediation’. ‘Om Brhmandaya Namah’ is the ‘mul’ or ‘amulya’ root / route - valuable mantra syllable for the prime starters of Brhmaand Pujan. The insights of the Brhmaand Prayers are forbidden due to controversies of religions and only could be availed from the original book Brhmand Pujan.
'One' or 'Won' Brhmaandism
‘One Religion’ – Universalism or to ‘Win Religions’ – is the try of Brhmmandism.
To spread – Wisdom, Wealth- Welfare around the World is the crucial intentions and purpose of Brhmoism. To merge every religion in “One Religion” is the duty of Brhmoism- A religion known as ‘One Worldism’ or by ‘One Universalism’ or by ‘One Humanism’ is the religion offered for the world in whole by Brhmoism.

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Re: Why religions are going through Brhmo-Phobia?

What a crock of shite. Brhmons are stinky veggie munching fartarses.
Disorganised religion is far worse than organised religion. Dont believe the hype.

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