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2005 - Indymedia Highlights


Here are some of the stories that YOU published on your local Indymedia Centre in 2005. The struggle continues!

Your Aotearoa Indymedia Crew


The Tuhoe people of the Urewera region have suffered since a Crown invasion and persecution from the 1860's. A Waitangi Tribunal hearing had been called for 16th January 2005 in the Ruatoki valley. Tuhoe are waiting to meet the visitors many are on horseback. Determined to remind the Crown of these many wrongdoings, Tuhoe have come out in force [ Report ]. In the year after the massive hikoi against the foreshore and seabed legislation a nationally coordinated attack on electorate offices saw every MP who sat in a Maori Electorate that voted for the Seabed and Foreshore Act received the same message delivered through their front windows (while the windows were closed), stating 'sell out, we have not forgotten'.

Animal Rights:

It's been a busy year for Animal Rights activists in Aotearoa. Dozens of battery hens were liberated [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]. Activists protested aqainst an International Poultry Broiler Nutritionists' Conference, a vivisection conference, launched websites to expose the cruel facts behind Tegel foods Ltd. and Premier Bacon and locked themselves to a truck from a local factory farm in Wellington.

Workers Rights:

May Day (International Workers Day) was celebrated all around Aotearoa with demonstrations taking place in Auckland and Wellington. Our comrades across the ditch took their anger against Howard's industrial relations reforms into the streets. 500,000 went to rallies all across Australia and people in New Zealand organised solidarity rallies. Towards the end of the year fast food workers in Auckland started going on the barricades. The campaign organised strikes at Starbucks which spread to 10 stores, Pizza Hut and two strikes at KFC [ 1 | 2 ]. One major aim of the campaign is to get rid of youth rates. In Wellington, Unite Union held a rally against the companies that paid younger workers less, and the government that lets them. And then tere was Tonga... In a strike by public servants that lasted for several weeks the government had to give in to all the demands (pay increases between 60-80% and democratic reforms). Government cars were torched, schools smashed by students and one of the King's homes went up in flames. [ Features 1 | 2 | 3 ]


The Anarcha-Feminist Stich'n'Bitch brought women together from all over the country in February. An alternative and free meeting was organised during the Janus Women’s Convention in Wellington where feminists pointed to the lack of voices of Maori, Pacific Islander, refugee, new migrant, student, beneficiary, and low income women as a major failure of the Convention. A noisy "Take Back the Night" rally and march took place in Auckland in October.


After 40 years of fighting, construction of the Wellington inner city 'bypass' started at the end of 2004. Anti-'Bypass' activists occupied a building in January and managed to move Kensington community Gardens. A new campaign started in the South Island to stop an open-cast coal mine on the West Coast built for Solid Energy. Environmental activists locked themselves to to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch and stopped coal trains by locking on to train tracks. [ More 1 | 2 ]


The Indymedia Network has grown again this year with new collectives joining (for example IMC Malta, IMC Belarus and Climate IMC). IMCistas from Aotearoa got together for a conference in Wellington where quite a few policies were updated. The next conference is planned for February 2007.


On 19th March, while the US were busy 'liberating Iraq', peace and justice activists all over the planet marked the 2nd anniversary of the illegal invasion. Several people were arrested at a demonstration in Auckland while in Wellington a protestor was succesfully dearrested. ANZ branches were occupied across Oceania in September for the bank's involvement in the Iraqi Trade Bank. Auckland activists targeted Oscmar, an American owned corporation, which makes weapons training systems for export to some of the most brutal and oppressive armies on earth. Peace Action Wellington ran a campaign against the New Zealand Defense Industry Association's weapons conference held at Te Papa. Protesters, including the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army, blocked of the entrance to the museum for several hours during the conference. 20 people were arrested during the day for taking direct action against war profiteers. A new US ambassador was met by swearing anti-war protesters when he was presenting his credentials at government house.


Newly formed anti-capitalist High School group Radical Youth has been very active in Auckland with 'Food not Bombs', the campaign and generally causing trouble! Students at Victoria University managed to mobilise 400 students for a demonstration to parliament. But fees went up at most tertiary institutions in Aotearoa. Students scuffled with security guards and a window was smashed at the Wellington fee setting.


Capitalism and Neoliberalism were reasons for countless protests all over the planet. World Bank/IMF meetings (in Washington DC), the G8 summit (in Scotland), the Pacific Island Forum and the World Trade Organisation ministerial (in Hong Kong) are still a focal point for civil society overseas and in Aotearoa.

In February, a large military police operation evicted the land occupation Sonho Real (Real Dream) in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people have been killed and many seriously wounded. Over 800 people have been arrested. A New Zealander was caught up in revolutionary Bolivia [ Reports 1 | 2 ]. The Zapatistas in southern Mexico announced a new strategy: The new political initiative is based on an approach to social movements, from Mexico and elsewhere, that share the same aims as the indigenous zapatistas and are fighting the effects of neoliberal globalization.

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2005, Indymedia shows the world 95% of Aotearoa Ruined from Chemicals. Dow Chemicals.

all other social issues dwarfed.

lone activist dk vows to destroy New Zealand via Internet.

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I've enjoyed reading this. Good job whoever put it together.

THANX A LOT TO AIMC volunteers

Aotearoa indymedia is the best one in "oceania": inclusive, non-sectarian, very political. just one thing: why don't you change all (internal) links to to ?

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revolution: coming to a 2006 near you.

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"2006",,, ahem,, it is a gregorian calender time lapse? so it actually is 1999 going on 2000,,, NOW is the time to Y2k freak out, not 6 years ago.

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Keep up the great work indy! The team is doing a fine job! I've enjoyed reading the articles posted here because it gives me a more balanced view of our society.

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yay. i love indymedia. so nice to read these stories of disturbing reality and yet so much hope and strength. reading everyone's comments is like sharing the paper with a big family of dreamers and fighters.
yay for us all. yay for indymedia. big pat on the back fullas.