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SMART ACTIVISM: Flash Mobs: A new protest strategy?


San Fransisco flash mob in action

are the latest Internet craze circling the
planet. They are examples of smart
, a term coined by writer Howard Rheingold,
which describes the use of modern technology
to quickly mobilize people for spontaneous creative
gatherings. It is only a matter of time before flash
mobs are utilised effectively as part of a href="">swarm
protest strategy. There's been discussion in HREF="">geek
circles about using the idea of flash mobs in
protests, including at href="">Sydney
Indymedia recently.

The concept of Flash Mobs can be traced to href="">
Science Fiction, the href="">critical
mass cycling phenomena, and the href="">Situationists
who encapsulated the idea of the
flash mob as the href="">d

San Fransisco flash mob in action