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ANTI PRIVATISATION: Waitakere Mayor reneges on water charge review


Liberating your billboard as well as your water

On 9th July 2003 Citizens Against Privatisation (C.A.P) staged a peacefuloccupation of Waitakere City Council chambers in protest at the council having reneged on an undertaking to review the user - pays policy of water charging. Mayor Bob Harvey has subsequently been reported as likening the non-violent behaviour of the protesters to that of terrorists, and been rash enough to announce that he is taking one protester to the Race Relations Tribunal for a placard slogan he alleges is offensive to holocaust survivors.

Harvey has also taken a complaint with the Race Relations Commissioner against an 83 year old activist and C.A.P for allowing the sign to be displayed at a public meeting.

An Open letter to the Waitakere City Council has been penned by a prominent Auckland activist questioning the councils decision.

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Liberating your billboard as well as your water