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March the 7th this year saw SCO Group (formally Caldera Systems) launch a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against IBM for allegedly devaluing its UNIX codebase by using code SCO says it owns in operating systems that IBM ships with their computers

Since then the lawsuit has skyrocketed to three billion with IBM and linux distributor Red Hat have filed counter suit against SCO. In turn SCO have started shipping their own href=""> UNIX licence's and have also stated that they have not ruled out suing any user of linux apart from users who have bought an official licence from SCO or are running an official version of SCO UNIX

Richard Stallman, author of the GNU General Public License was quoted in a recent zdnet article as saying "The name GNU stands for "GNU's Not Unix." The whole
point of developing the GNU system is that it is not Unix. Unix is and always
was non-free software, meaning that it denies its users the freedom to cooperate
and to control their computers. To use computers in freedom as a community, we
needed a free software operating system. We did not have the money to buy and
liberate an existing system, but we did have the skill to write a new one. Writing GNU was a monumental job."

"We did it for our freedom, and your freedom."

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Linux penguin