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ITALY: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Immigrants Escape from Italian Migrant Detention Centres


Three separte breakouts have occured from Italian migrant detention centres in the recent period. Last Sunday week, during an action by around 100 activists from the nearby NoBorder camp, 15
people managed to escape from detention centre
at the military airport of
Bari Palese, so far only three have been recaptured. href="">More[it] Photos href="">1 | href="">2. Around 40
detainees also attempted an escape from the Bari Palese camp some days
previously but most were recaptured and there are reports than many recieved
beatings. Activists are demanding the camp be closed especially as it is under military, not civil juristiction. About 100 people are detained in the camp.

Meanwhile in Torino href=""> 22 people escaped from a detention centre on Monday night after rioting and href="">setting fire to
matresses and other parts of the centre. So far 11 have been recaptured

Concurrently around 500 activists from Italy and around the world have
participated in a week long NoBorder camp in Puglia, southern Italy. There
participants href="">occupied a labour
office, held discussions around the href="">issues of migration and made
at the two nearby detention centres at href="">San Foca and Otranto.

In Australia, a woman asylum seeker, Roqia Bakhtiyari, in her seventh month of pregnancy is being denied visitors during her confinement in Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.

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