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ANTI-WAR: Hiroshima Day


Today marks the anniversary of the dropping of a nuclear bomb on HREF="">Hiroshima and the subsequent
bombing of Nagasaki. This day has become synonymous with peace,
and the need for a nuclear free world.

Campaign for Nuclear
will be collecting money in HREF="">Wellington today.

Peace Action Wellington are also drawing HREF="/front.php3?article_id=9639&group=
webcast">attention to the use of depleted uranium in the recent
war on Iraq, and point out "New Zealand's
participation in the occupation of Iraq, even as 'peacekeepers' or
'engineers', not only endangers the health of Defence Force personnel and
their future offspring, it also undermines our credibility as a nation
supposedly committed to a nuclear-free world."

It is crucial not to forget that many people in the Pacific are also survivors
of HREF="">nuclear aggression
in the Pacific.

There will be a number of events throughout the country, including concerts,
talks, vigils, and a lantern floating ceremony to find out more visit Peace
Movement Aotearoa's HREF="">website

It is also a day to ensure that we remember our commitment to be
Nuclear Free in 2003.

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