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GENETIC ENGINEERING: GE Free Hui begins with Public Meeting


A public meeting beginning at 6:30pm on Friday 25 July about genetic
engineering will kick of this weekend's National GE Free Strategy Hui at
Auckland's Trade Union Hall. A warm welcome is extended to all members of the public who are
interested in learning more about the issues surrounding genetic
modification of food plants, trees, viruses and animals. Workshops take
place on Saturday, 9am-late and Sunday, 9:30-4pm.

Genetically engineered trees have
been planted
in Rotorua, even before the end of the Labour
government's moratorium in October this year. Worse, in a classic case of
neo-liberal state-corporate collusion, the
government are supporting
a US case to the
World Trade Organisation, who meet
again in Mexico in September, which if it wins will force
European Union countries to accept imports of genetically engineered

Only active co-operation between all the affected communities in Aotearoa
can resist the continuing release of GMOs into our enviroment by
driven interests
. A
national hikoi against GE is already in the planning stages for October 1.

Public concern in Aoteaora is apparently overshadowed by Australia where
55% of
people will avoid knowingly buying
genetically modified food. In
August of last year
the Greens predictably celebrated the extension of the Labour government's
delaying policy against genetic engineering experiments in Aotearoa. But
even NZ
are concerned about the potential consequences when the
moratorium expires.

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