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TINO RANGATIRATANGA: Paeroa hui says the foreshore and seabed belong to Maori



The Hauraki Maori Trust Board, on behalf of the iwi of Hauraki convened a
hui over proposed legislation by the crown over ownership of Maori seabeds
and foreshores. Attended by almost 1000 people, the hui was one of the
biggest political gatherings of Maori since the National government imposed
a $1 billion cap on Treaty of Waitangi settlements in 1994. While the debate
was at times heated the hui sent a clear message to the Government and its
Maori MP's- the foreshore and seabed belong to Maori and they will oppose
any moves to counter that. A Declaration was put out by the hui as
indication of the intent of the hui and answer some misconceptions already
raised in the media and by various politicians. The Declaration itself is a
synthesis of the views of the Hui. ">The Declaration
is based upon transcripts of the discussions at the hui, as well as the written submissions received from those Iwi and
Hapu that were not able to be present.

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