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INDIGENOUS RIGHTS: Maori advocate direct action to protect indigenous rights over seabeds and foreshores



Te Kawau Maro, TKM, add their voice to the call for direct action against the proposed crown action regarding the seabeds and foreshores.

Tino Rangatiratanga advocates met with Maori MPs to discuss growing anger
over proposed legislation by the crown over ownership of Maori seabeds and
foreshores. Lawyer Annette Sykes said "The Maori MPs were challenged to
consider their position in a Government that is clearly set upon a course of
action that continues to confiscate our lands and therefore breaches Te
Tiriti o Waitangi".

Spokesperson Ken Mair said "Due to the immoral position the crown has taken
we will prohibit them and their agents from accessing our waters and
foreshore. We will also provide advice and support to Maori communities who
wish to uphold their ownership rights".

Tino Rangatiratanga advocate Hone Harawira said "Support was offered to the
Labour Party Maori Caucus for their stand against government plans to own
the foreshore and seabeds. We also made it known this is a line in the sand
issue. We will not back down."

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