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PROSTITUTION REFORM BILL: Controversial prostitution bill to be voted on tonight


UPDATE:The Prostitution Reform Bill became law with a close vote of 60 to 59, with 1 abstention. The new law will give sex workers rights that other people take for granted.

From the newswire:

Today the New Zealand Parliament is going to vote on one of the
most important pieces of social reform seen in Aotearoa.

The Prostition Reform Bill will decriminalise prostitution in New
Zealand and give prostitutes the same rights and protections of all
other workers in New Zealand.

Unfortunately the extreme moral right has been extensively
lobbying MPs with misguided, moralistic, fear-driven hysteria, and this
seems to be having an affect. Even ACT, the Libertarians, who believe
that everyone has the right to do whatever they want without
interference from the State has decided that prostitutes deserve
criminal records....

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