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ANTI-WAR/ IMPERIALISM: Independence For All


Ms Liberty

Demanding Independence for All, and freedom from USA Economic and
military dominance, href="">Independence
Day actions have taken place href="">throughout New

Actions started early when href="/front.php3?article_id=8813&group=webc
">Wellington demonstrators
crashed the US Ambassador's party
on July the 3rd. On July 4th,
Peace Action Wellington took its href="
ast">message of peace, justice and self-determination to the street.
Anti-war activists href="
ast">marched with bombs representing the many countries invaded or
bombed by the US government, while href="
ast">Food Not Bombs gave away "The FREE FRENCH" Fries and vegan
burgers. Even the href="
ast">Statue of Liberty was seen strolling through downtown
Wellington. [ Pictures href="
ast">1 | href="
ast">2 | href="
ast">3 ]

In Auckland, there was a href="
ast">rally with street theatre outside McDonalds.

Actions in the USA

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