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ANIMAL LIBERATION: Auckland fur industry feeling the heat



Auckland Animal Action's campaign against the fur industry is escalating, with civil disobedience, direct action and demonstrations showing no sign of stopping.

Three separate fur stores were greeted by noisy protests on Monday, following on from multiple protests just two days before (Saturday the 2nd). At the protests on Saturday two people including someone documenting the protest were arrested. Despite being released without charge, video gear and cellphones remain in the custody of police.

These actions come after a lockdown at two Hartleys stores on May 17th where activists had to be cut off the store entance with the "Jaws of Life".

Nor have the Animal Liberation Front let up the pressure - in the last week 20 fur sellers have had their locks glued, and Vincent Hartley (the owner of a dozen stores selling fur) had 10 litres of paint emptied over his gates.

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