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GE MORATORIUM: 'GE' or 'Not GE'?, that is the question.


The nationwide moratorium on GE crops ends on October 29. Calls from the
international community have suggested that the government rethink its plan,
and not to
"be sucked in by the false promises of the biotech corporations"
who promise benefits from this technology which is at best a
and the results are unknown. Locally, recent research shows more farmers are wanting to extend the moratorium, and only 20% of farmers saying they will use GE.

Submissions to government by 13 June.

NZ government
, along with Canada
has offered its support to a US plan to take the European
Union to the WTO due to its
policies on GM foods. The European Commissioner
by saying the case was misguided and unnecessary.

The EU de facto moratorium was installed due to consumer doubts regarding
GE products.

In Switzerland,
voted to support a 5 year moratorium on GE agriculture.
Australia will remain GE free
for another 2 years following a commercial release freeze instituted by
the federal government. In NZ, the
scientific community
is splitting over aspects of commercial GE.

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Physicians and scientists for responsible
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