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MAYDAY UPDATE: Wellington Mayday begins with two arrests


1.30pm: Around 120 people have gathered outside the Freedom Shop on Cuba St. to listen to bands, talk and enjoy free food from Food Not Bombs.

Two people have been arrested - one after smashing a television during a performance and one man who ordered the Police from his building. Police have formed a line and are keeping the crowd off the road -
splitting them into three different groups.

2pm: Protestors are currently marching down Cuba St. on their way to Civic Square in a sea of masquerade
masks, placards and banners.

3.20pm: Protestors have stormed Burger King on Lambton Quay and are now being ejected by police. Earlier the protest passed by BP's head office and has dropped in number to around 80 people.

3.45pm: Four more protestors have been arrested - three outside Burger King and a fourth at Mobil's office. The demonstration is currently at the Nike store on Lambton Quay and is heading towards Central Police Station to support the arrestees. Police are currently forming a cordon around the station.

4.20pm: Protestors have moved from the Police Station and are winding up the day with a party in Cuba Mall. There was another arrest as the crowd thinned out at the Police Station.

6.10pm: Legal Update In all there were 10 arrests, and 4 people are still in custody at Central Police Station. Two people were released without charge, but other protestors face charges that include assault of a police officer, obstruction and criminal nuisance. The remaining arrestees are expected to be processed in the next 1-2 hours.

It has been confirmed that one of the arrestees has suffered a broken right wrist as a result of police violence.

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