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ANTI-CAPITALISM: Mayday Mayhem Masquerade March



From the Calendar:

Mayday Mayhem Masquerade March is the theme of this year's
participatory street carnival/protest that will celebrate our resistance to the capitalist war machine. With costumes, music, free food and festivities, the march will draw attention to the industries that will benefit directly from the atrocities committed on the people of Iraq, all in the name of "democracy".

The history of workers resistance on May 1st stems from a massive strike across the US in 1886. Demanding an eight-hour working day, six workers were killed, and four innocent men, known as the Haymarket Martyrs, were hanged. Since then, in memory and in spirit of the Haymarket Martyrs, worker's organisations across the world have celebrated May 1st as a global day of resistance against the exploits of capitalism.

With masks, costumes and pots in hands the carnival will congregate at the Freedom shop, where Food not Bombs will provide free food and local musicians will play. We will then be heading down Cuba Street to Civic Sq., before heading off to a range of undisclosed locations.

Press Release: Stop War By Ending Capitalism!

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