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ANIMAL LIBERATION: World Week for Lab Animals kicks off at AgResearch


demo at wallaceville

Animal liberation activists have kicked off a week of action against vivisection with a demonstration at Wallaceville AgResearch.

Agresearch is a taxpayer funded organisation and their complex at Wallaceville in Upper Hutt, Wellington is one of five around the country that uses around 50,000 animals a year. Agresearch refuses to supply exact information to the public despite Official Information Act requests by the researchers of the National Anti-Vivisection Campaign (NAVC).

Concluding a national Animal Liberation conference, about fifty people took a train out to Wallaceville on Easter Monday and at around 3pm began a lively and noisy demonstration around the perimeter fence of the Agresearch complex. Some demonstrators climbed the low front fence but rejoined the main protest when police threatened arrests for trespass.

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demo at wallaceville