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BORDERS: Protest Camp at Baxter



Whilst 2000 Australian troops are busy assisting the US and UK "liberate" Iraqis, at home the Australian government continues to lock up those who move without papers fleeing poverty and persecution, including more than 150 seeking asylum from the Iraqi regime.

This Easter, protestors converged at the site of Australia's newest asylum seeker detention camp. Baxter is a militarised compound surrounded by electric fences 8km out of Port Augusta, about 3 hours north of Adelaide.

Protestors at one point succeeded in taking down a small perimeter fence but their attempts to reach the camp have reportedly been met by violent police resistance. The protest camp was kept under police helicopter surveillance. At one point the police entered the protest camp with machine guns because they had apparently seen someone pointing a gun. The "gun" turned out to be the leg of a camera tripod.

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