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IRAQ WAR REPORT: Iraqis Protest American Occupation


It appears the Iraqi people have discovered what modern 'democracy' looks like as US troops opened fire on protestors in Iraq. Crowds in Mosul started throwing rocks in response to a speech by new-governor Mashaan al-Juburi, who some accuse as being a US-'Puppet' like Saddam Hussein originally was. American troops then reportedly fired on the crowd, possibly after receiving small arms fire from nearby.

Dr. Ayad al-Ramadhani at the city hospital said that "there are perhaps 100 wounded and 10 to 12 dead" following the shooting near the local government offices in the city's central square. To further silence any opposition, the city was buzzed with F-14's, reminding people of the devastating bombings that have killed thousands of Iraqi civilians since "Operation Iraqi Freedom" began.

Earlier in Nasiriyah, 20 000 people from the Shia Muslim majority which was brutally oppressed by Hussein, chanted "No to America. No to Saddam,". "This is no freedom" chanted protesters in Baghdad as armed US occupation forces watched and tried to prevent the media from covering the event.

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