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SEXUALITY: McDonalds refuse magazine featuring gay youth



From the newswire:

McDonalds Restaurants have refused to distribute the latest issue of Tearaway, NZ's youth magazine, because it features an article on gay youth. McDonalds' head office initially said the feature was opposed to their 'family values' but they would leave the decision up to the individual outlets. Bizarrely, every single franchise in the country then agreed the content of the article was 'inappropriate' - all 55,000 copies of the magazine were to be returned.

The article contains stories from young people who have come to terms with their sexuality - they talk about the realisation, how they felt, how family and friends reacted and how they eventually came to cope with it.

It also features the story of a mother and how she came to terms with her daughters sexuality, advice on what to do if you are questioning your sexuality and a list of places to call and websites to check out for more information.

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