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ANTIWAR: Reports from the frontlines


Reports continue to come out from non-corporate sources witnessing the bombing of Iraq. Jo Wilding is a peace activist/commentator currently in Baghdad. This is her latest
report :

"Last night's bombs were so immense I could see the flashes from inside
a room with the curtains drawn and my eyes closed. The building swayed
like a treehouse in the wind, rocking long after the sound had died away
and the soothing voice of the prayer call was singing out, as if from a
machine activated by the sudden shaking of the minaret.

The communications towers were hit last night and today there are no
phones. The internet is but a fantasy and even the carrier pigeons have
dirtied the pavement and deserted. I don't know how Zaid is, or Asmaa
and Israa and Mimi and Omar, or Majid and Raid or Ibrahim, probably less
than a mile away, although it may as well be a million, or Umal or
Waleed or Samir or Hamsa or any of them. Kamil's house is trashed - it's
on El Shaab street, near the ruined market. Mr Zaid, the minder, is
understandably a little tense today after his house was hit last night."

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