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NO WAR: Protest Actions Around Oceania



Reaction in Oceania against the war on Iraq has been both swift and massive, with huge demonstrations continuing.

In Manilla, spontaneous as well as organised protest actions have been occuring, including one of 10,000 people outside the US embassy.

In Perth building workers walked off construction sites, students walked out of class, and 1500 people rallied in the streets. 11 people were arrested. [Pictures 1 | 2]

Brisbane's first rally on Thursday attracted 8000 people and later 1000 protesters blocked a main street . [Audio 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] [Reports 1 | 2 ] Initial reports from Saturdays march also indicate a huge turnout.

Meanwhile in Melbourne 30 000 people attended an emergency anti-war demo on Thursday afternoon. At the end of the demonstration around 500 people continued on to the US consulate where they lit flares and threw paint bombs at the building. One person was arrested. [Reports 1 | 2 ] [Pictures 1 | 2 ] More than 10 000 unionists rallied on Friday day, and there was another demo of around 5000 that evening.

In Sydney 20 000 marched including a small group who threw paint on New South Wales Premier Bob Carr's vehicle.Sunday saw more than 50,000 people take to the streets.

Adelaide protesters rallied at Parliament House, blocking traffic, while in Hawaii protesters gathered at the Federal Building in Honolulu.

In New Zealand emergency response vigils took place throughout the country, while protesters in Wellington and Auckland targeted the embassies and consulates of the UK, USA and Australia. Protests continued on Saturday, with 10 thousand demonstrators in Auckland and 4,000 in Wellington. Three people were arrested at the Wellington US embassy. [Pictures 1 | 2]

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