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ANTIWAR: Protestors greet Australian PM



Australian PM John Howard's visit to NZ has not gone unnoticed.
The pro-war PM arrived on Saturday in Auckland, landing at the
Whenuapai airbase.
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A large anti-war message was delivered as part of
Women's Day
march in Auckland.

Howard must have found it hard to have a quiet Sunday breakfast
while protestors with megaphones, pots and pans and sticks banging
on barricades gathered in front of the Sheraton and sent a href="">loud
anti-war message for him to consider over his weet bix.

The Australian PM continued on to Wellington on Monday only to find
that Greenpeace had href="">hung
a John Howard puppet from the fingers of a
giant Gollum (aka GW Bush) from Lord of the Rings who lurks on top of
the Embassy Theatre. The action was intended "to expose who's pulling the strings"
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Later in the afternoon href="">1000
people gathered outside parliament for another rowdy protest designed to annoy
Clark and Howard while they had their cosy state luncheon.
made 5 arrests but it remains unclear what the protestors will be charged with.

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