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WEAPONS INSPECTION: Civilian weapon inspectors to visit U.S facility in Christchurch



A Citizen's Weapons Inspection Team plan to conduct an inspection of the US Airforce
at Christchurch Airport (Harewood) on Sunday March 2.

The inspection, which will be part of a protest against the
American-lead war on Iraq, is organised by Christchurch's Peace Action
Network. Protesters will meet at the totem pole, at the entrance to the
airport at 2 pm.

"By hosting a US base in Christchurch, the New Zealand government is
providing logistical support to the US war machine and its unjust war on
Iraq," said Mr Colyer.

Protesters will be demanding that the href="">Harewood
base be demilitarised, and that the New Zealand government end all
support for the war.

Update: Read the final report

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