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CIVIL RIGHTS: Victoria University Ban Animal Rights Activist


Victoria University in Wellington have brought police on campus to issue a tresspass notice to an animal rights activist who was part of an information stall promoting a new animal rights group on campus.

Michael Wise, of Animal Rights Victoria, was issued the trespass notice banning him from the campus for two years. In the last three days he and other animal rights activists had been distributing pamphlets opposing the animal experiments being carried out by Victoria University Professor Susan Schenk. Schenk carries out drug addiction experiments on rats.

"The University is trying to ban the voice of opposition. Their own staff member is torturing and killing animals in useless and cruel experiments, and they don't want the students to know about this."

"The campaign has only started three days ago, and already the University and Schenk are scared. They think that banning people from the university will prevent actions being taken against Schenk's experiments, but they couldn't be further from the truth."

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