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INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION: Thousands march for peace around Aotearoa


Dunedin peace march

Aotearoa has kicked off the href="">International
Day of Action to Stop the War on the People of Iraq, with rallies href="">all across the
country. At least eighteen different cities/centres held protest actions, ranging from vigils to protests, to concerts and peace picnics.

Saturday 15th:

People from Tauranga added their voice to the international call to find a peaceful solution with regards to Iraq, while a vigil was held in Whanganui.

The march in Wellington was so big that the venue for the rally was shifted from Midland Park to the grounds of parliament.

In Auckland the crowd of 8-10 thousand people was diverse, including Christian groups, Greenpeace, and families. The march was lead by an Iraqi nun and a samba band.

In Christchurch about 2,000 people turned out for the rally which had speakers from Iraq and Egypt.

About 1,500 people turned out for the protest in Dunedin, including a Pacific Peace Angel. Speakers included an Iraqi woman recounting her experience of the US massacre of over 400 women and children at Al Ameriyah.

Sunday 16th: Auckland followed up yesterday's massive protest with a peace concert in Potter's Park.

Plan B: Peace: Auckland Indymedia have put together a documentary from February 15th events around Aotearoa. It is currently screening on community television stations in Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin. Copies are also available on VHS - contact us for details.

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Dunedin peace march