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WAR IN IRAQ: International Day of Action Against Iraq War



February 15 will see people taking to the street around the world to show their resistance to Blair and Bush's determination to wage war on Iraq.

The International Day of Action includes mass marches organised in at least 50 cities including New York, Rome, Amsterdam and London to name just a few and organisers are saying that it will likely be the single largest day of protest in world history.

Here in Aotearoa there are rallies planned for in Hamilton , Dunedin, Wellington, Tauranga, Hastings, Christchurch and Auckland where there is also a peace concert in the park planned for February 16.

This day of action should not be seen in isolation, but rather as part of a continuing wave of actions worldwide and throughout New Zealand including well-attended marches in main centres like Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and also in smaller cities like Wanganui and Tauranga.

Some in the mass movement, see the connections within the anti-war/peace movement and the broader anti-capitalist movement.

Video Callout:Auckland Indymedia is making a TV doco to screen on community TV about this day of action and is calling out for people around the country to contribute some footage of the events in their area.

Latest Anti-War Listings:Taken from Peace Movement Aotearoa's "What's On" listing comes the latest information regarding anti war actions around the country on or around February 15.

Add your Event:To Aotearoa Indymedia's events Calender or to find out what events are planned in your area.

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