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1080: A nation poisoned?



As part of an organised resistance to the wide use of 1080 poison in the Golden Bay area, in
August 2001, a group of Golden Bay activists opposed to the use of 1080 poison
sabotaged a planned aerial drop of the

In late January 2003, Quaid Hutchinson,an anti-1080 activist denied in court a charge of wilful damage relating to the Department of Conservation-owned poison.

The New Zealand government uses 90 percent of the worlds' production of 1080 poison (sodium fluoroacetate), the majority of which is aerially applied as pellet baits for possum control. The anti-1080 campaign also say that the controversial poison has resulted in the deaths
of thousands of farm animals and pets. Yet the aerial drops of 1080-loaded pellets continues in the face of widespread protest. Hutchinson told the court that the 1080 pellets
can cause miscarriages and
heart problems along with contributing to diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and Parkinson's

Elsewhere debate is raging about the spraying of the fully undisclosed pesticide
foray 48B, the spray used in the eradication of the painted-apple moth in Auckland. However a number of Auckland residents have suffering symptoms
like shortness of breath, dermatology irritability, sore eyes, nose bleeds and
increased and severity of asthma. [ href=",2106,2223202a6016,00.html">1
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