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GULF WAR: Protest Against Te Mana and New Zealand's Military Presence in the Gulf



A protest is being organised in Auckland to oppose the sailing of the New Zealand Navy frigate, Te Mana, which will leave Devonport Naval Base (to replace the frigate Te Kaha) for duties in the Gulf region on Tuesday 28 January.

The government has stated that the frigate will be involved in anti-Taleban/Al Qaeda activity as part of Operation Enduring Freedom's Maritime Interdiction Operation and says the frigate will participate in monitoring shipping activity and, escorting US and other coalition vessels through the Straits of Hormuz, gathering intelligence, intercepting and boarding shipping, and identifying and detaining Al Qaeda and Taleban personnel.

While the government has denied the frigate will be involved in any way in the war on Iraq, opponents fear the frigate will have a back-up role in any conflict and that its presence will constitute tacit approval for, and involvement in the war.

The planned protest will be both on land and sea. Groups supporting the action include GPJA, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, SJP and the Anti-Imperialist Coalition (among others).

PROTEST: Devonport Naval Base, 1.00 pm Tuesday 28, January, Te Mana Leaves AT 2.00 pm.

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