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WAR IN IRAQ: Peace rallies spread throughout Aotearoa



Anti war protests have been spreading throught out Aotearoa, with recent actions in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Wanganui.The latest actions mark the anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991, and come at a time when war seems increasingly likely.

In Christchurch about 2000 people came along to hear an impressive array of music, speakers and poetry.This is possibly THE biggest antiwar march anywhere in New Zealand going back to the Veitnam era of protests.

Actions in Wanganui showed that even in a small city people can arrange a protest, while Dunedin had a good turn out too. In Wellington actions began with a 12-hour vigil at the US embassy, followed by a rally at the Cenotaph and a march to the US Embassy .

Other actions included an open letter to the US Embassy and a Weapons Inspection Ultimatum.

Meanwhile Christiaan Briggs, from Napier, is heading to Iraq to act as a human shield.

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