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auckland 14.12.02

On December 14th around 500 people participated in the GPJA Network rally 'An Xmas Message for George Bush: Peace, Not War for Iraq '. Assembling at QE2 Square with speeches from John Minto (GPJA), Keith Locke (Greens) and Mike Treen (Alliance) - the group moved on to chant and sing outside the US Consulate General in Customs Street.

An open mic gave voice to 'Women for Peace', the 'Palestine Human Rights Campaign' and others. The mood was determined, and energy high. Graphic banners, chants, and Paul's portable music wheelie bin blasting out revolutionary people's anthems from Bob Marley, The Beatles, Disposable Heroes et al, kept the pace lively as the demonstration turned into a spontaneous march up Queen Street to Aotea Square. Although envisaged on a smaller scale than the previous two marches - Sept. 28 "Stop the War on Iraq" and Oct. 26 "No More Blood For Oil", each drawing around 2000 people - the spirit of those participating easily made the demonstration as BIG as the others.

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auckland 14.12.02