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CREATIVE ACTIVISM: A Buy Nothing Day message


Buy Nothing Day

Hi! It's OTL here, a Montreal-based experimental theatre lab that
explores culture-jamming through performance. We are welcoming all
activists and theatricians (and media) to join in our theatrical
actions this BUY NOTHING DAY. Please see one example below. We
encourage other BND activists to write similar scenes; we encourage
people to play in a variety of scenes.

Other activists, please get in touch if you'd like to join our
theatrical efforts, or wish us to join in yours. The more collaboration
the better! We are hoping to hold theatrical workshops in the days
leading up to BND, and think the Kiwis should do the same..

Read more: Buy
Nothing Day resources
| href="">'meta-play'


Buy Nothing Day info: NZ | UK | Adbusters

Let us know how your BND went - comment on this feature here.

Update [12.12.02]: The Buy Nothing team Akl bring you the Buy Nothing Christmas - read about it here.

Buy Nothing Day