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BIOTECHNOLOGY: Protest to greet biotech conference



Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (Madge), Auckland Animal Action and GE Free Auckland will all be organising protest actions during the 8th International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference.

The biotech conference will be held at Auckland's Sheraton Hotel from 17 - 20 November. Hosted by the New Zealand Biotechnology Association and BIOTENZ, conference topics focus on business, intellectual property and public perceptions.

New Zealand biotech industry speakers include Diatranz, a company conducting xenotransplantation experiments, and AgResearch, recently granted permission to continue genetically engineering cows with human genes.

A key conference sponsor is Marsh, an insurance company held responsible by many for keeping Huntingdon Life Sciences - the biggest contract vivisection company in europe - in business.


N22: Anti-biotech conference protests began at the Sunday registration, with around 50 activists showing up to make the registrations as noisy and as difficult as possible. Loud protests continued throughout the conference, including at the conference dinner and at 6am on the final day.

Read the full report here.

N16 - GE Free march in Auckland

thousands of people marched in Auckland today for a GE Free Aotearoa. The colourful, diverse crowd comprised a wide range of groups including the Green Party, Alliance, Madge and Eco Labour to name just a few. The march, led by Pukekohe school children went from Aotea Square to Albert Park where people listened to a variety of speakers (such Jon Carapiet and Jane Kelsey) and were entertained by DJs and musicians such as Golden Horse, Trinity Roots and Stinky Jim. The event took place without any negative incidents and like last year's Auckland protest succeeded in creating a vibrant, carnivalesque, atmosphere.

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