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GLOBALISATION: World Trade Organisation meets in Sydney



The World Trade Organisation's latest meeting has begun in Sydney. The latest round of talks is set to begin on the 14th and end on the 15th November.

A freedom of movement march has already taken place, while other mass actions are due to take place over Thursday and Friday. Police have refused to issue any marching permits.

Aotearoa Indymedia will be bringing you updates on major events - check out Sydney Indymedia as the main source of news and information.


N16 3.30pm -Eyewitness report on the final day of anti-WTO actions in Sydney.

N16 11am - Friday November the 15th began with a pirate radio broadcast jamming commercial radio signals with an anti-WTO report.

WTO talks were met with about 2000 protestors including radical cheerleaders, gas masks and even more police.

Protest reports have come in on November 14th actions, and the Free Movement of the People march the night before.

N15 12.50am - November 14th: Sydney police have been accused of violence against anti-WTO demonstrators, while city streets flood with protesters. Arrests include a New Zealand Indymedia journalist detained and later released during one of the protest marches. Listen to his arrest report here.

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