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GLOBAL TERRORISM: Embassy Protest Marks S11 Anniversary


On September 11 2001, the world was rocked by a terrorist attack in New York killing up to 2500 innocent people.

On the same day millions of people around the world were impoverished and killed as a result of American Foreign Policy. The same thing happened the day before and the day after and is still happening today.

Commemorations of the dramatic events of September 11th at the US Embassy conflicted with mainstream thinking when a gathering of Wellington residents expressed outrage at U.S. foreign policy and asked the question "Who are the real terrorists?"

One young punk who had come to protest at the arrogance of the American Administration and to give a voice to these unsaid truths was arrested at the US Embassy.

"We are going to arrest you because we find that offensive" - Officer Paul Berry said while arresting a young punk with a papier mache knife that read "Payback Inc - est Sept 11". One demonstrator spoke about how they found the actions of the US Government offensive

Many people felt that the real questions of September 11 that are constantly avoided by the corporate media or had so much spin on them that they were getting dizzy.

"Why does the United States Superpower refuse to acknowledge that the atrocities that they commit around the world are directly linked to the retaliatory acts of September 11?"

Demonstrators in the group who had done their research shared information with other protestors about how the United States Superpower has broken international laws, and killed people all over the world in the name of freedom and democracy.

One of these persons informed the group: "They (The United States Superpower) asassinates world leaders and forces indigenous peoples from their lands all over the world, holding guns to their heads while stealing oil from them and funding military dictators".

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