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GENETIC ENGINEERING: Indymedia GE Debate: a rough guide


Since our feature 'GE
Dominates Election Debate
' this site has been swamped with the GE issue.
Here are some of the articles.

We have the Council of Trade Unions
criticising the Greens for not being 'constructive'.
The Life Sciences
asserts that it is being 'politically
' in its information about GE and offers some 'facts'
about corngate
. Greenpeace offers some humour and analysis with the 'Clarkies
'. Also Physicians and
Scientists for Responsible Genetics
talk about 'more
appropriate uses
' and 'wasted
' for the reported 3 percent of current research funding which
is involved in activities which would be delayed by a Moratorium extension.
They then cast questions about the 'future
safety of GE foods
' and answer some 'irrational
' from their critics.

Two posts question the accuracy of an article published in Nature
which asserts that 'genetically-modified
corn ... contaminated native strains in ... Mexico
'( here
is the original article
). Followed by the Bluegreens
attacking the Greens for being 'spinners'
(not of wool, but rather facts).

For the keen you can download a sheet of GE free stickers here.
Look out for them at a bus station or lamppost near you! And if all that's
not enough for you you can add something yourself by clicking here.


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